Ambition: Why It's Good to Want More and How to Get It

Rachel Bridge

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0857086332

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Be bold. Be brave. Embrace your ambition.

Ever have that nagging feeling that you are better than the sum of your current achievements? Do you have a secret desire to be achieving much more, to change the world or to reach the top of your game?

Then it is time to use your ambition to your advantage. It has been proven that ambitious people achieve greater levels of success, whether that be a higher level of education, a more prestigious job, a higher income or more satisfaction in life. Grounded in scientific research and with contributions from people at the height of their success in business, music, the arts and sport, Ambition will help you to harness your aspirations to achieve your lifetime goals. It will give you practical insights into how to use your talents and learn from others who have done it before, so that you can get to where you want to be.

If you want to get that promotion, achieve that big life-changing goal, start your own successful business, receive that distinctive acclaim, or make a positive difference to the world, then the good news is that you already have the fuel of ambition in you. This book will show you how to use it to drive your success.

• Reveals how you can do more than you think with what you've already got
• Helps discover your true motivation using a psychology model and shows you how to use that as the fuel for greater success
• Contains insights from successful people in all fields including John Torode, Myleene Klass, Will Greenwood, Katie Hopkins and Gavin Patterson
• Shows that the world is an exciting place and you can do anything if you use your ambition to help you

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get to. What do you really want to do? Become a best‐selling novelist? Be promoted to a high‐flying role at work? Build a school in a poor underdeveloped part of the world? Start your own business? Win a gold medal at the next Olympic Games? Get to the top of your academic field? Be a professional deep‐sea diver? Whatever it is, if you are going to successfully use your ambition to achieve your ultimate goal, you need to have a very strong sense of where you are heading before you begin.

with a mouse. You cannot pull me off it. I think it is one of the characteristics that has helped me.” 101 AMBITION Deborah’s ability to focus intently on one thing at a time is particularly useful now that she has investments in 29 companies. She says: “For each one, when I’m with them nothing else matters. It is like they are my world. When I walk into that room I am just dealing with the stuff that is relevant to that business. That is all I am interested in.” She says that focus is

It may be that they simply didn’t see your email the first time but do spot it now, and you may get a reply. But don’t simply forward the original email with the words “Just checking you have seen this?” at the top. For some reason this makes me furious, because it comes with a veneer of solicitous enquiry 137 AMBITION combined with an undercurrent of suppressed outrage and pained disappointment. I may be the only one who feels this way. But I suspect not. Do make sure though that it really

forward to receiving a price list from you.” Not only is it polite and quick to do, it is also a really easy way of keeping track of when conversations took place, with whom and why. Then whenever you need it, you can just search for the email and if need be forward it to others. Brilliantly quick, simple and free. ■ Photograph everything. Use a smartphone or digital camera to snap everything from passports and signs to documents and venues. One person I know even photographs business cards

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