Biggles - Air Commodore

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Brutal Journey: The Epic Story of the First Crossing of North America

Escape (UK Edition)

Ramage's Signal (Lord Ramage, Book 11)





















Then it got light and I could see that I was the only one left. I see the aeroplane coming and waved my ‘and. A bit of luck it was for me and no mistake that you spotted me. I see that shark, too, while you was coming down. It had been ‘anging about for some time, but I’d managed to keep it off by splashing, but suddenly the strength seemed to go out of my legs and I couldn’t splash any longer. I felt the shark pull me under by the foot, and that’s all I remember.’ ‘You’ve no idea what

casually. ‘Tom is flying down to Singapore.’ ‘No, I haven’t seen anything like that,’ replied Sullivan. ‘Never mind. Judging by the date on the letter he’ll be in Singapore by now, so no doubt I shall see him there. For the moment we’ve more important things to attend to. Now this is my plan. I shall fly down to Singapore today and come back tomorrow. While I am away I want you to find a quiet creek where you can hide up, on the coast, opposite the Mergui Islands.’ ‘Why there?’ ‘Because if

himself any longer, for his one concern at this stage was that Algy and Ginger might save their lives regardless of anything else. From the behaviour of the Nemesis it almost seemed as if the pilot had heard him, for both engines stopped and, with propellors stationary, the machine began to zigzag back towards the land, at the same time sideslipping, first to left and then to right, in order to lose height. The seaplane was round after it in a flash, little tongues of orange flame flickering

crisp thud a knife buried itself in the planking near his feet. He leapt aside, calling to the sailors as he did so. Two or three of them broke away from the party in the bows, and pointing their weapons upwards, induced the natives to come down. It marked the end of the resistance, which had only been half-hearted at the best, and Ginger, following Biggles below, was just in time to witness the last act of a tragedy. In the corner of a large, well-furnished room, evidently the captain’s cabin,

caved in, or had so far become choked with debris as to be impassable. In any case they had no boat, so their only avenue of escape lay in the cliff path down which the men had come. It was, he knew, a forlorn hope at the best, but there was no other way, and their chances would certainly not be improved by the broad light of day which could not now be long in coming. ‘Ginger,’ he said quietly. ‘Ay, ay, sir,’ answered Ginger, with the calm that comes of knowing that things are so bad that they

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