Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

Jonathan Fields

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0767927419

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There’s a revolution brewing across the nation--a movement that’s changing lives and revealing little known paths to passion and prosperity.

It’s about building a great living around what you love to do most. Once you’ve been touched by it, you’ll never be the same. This book is your way in, your admission ticket to the world of the career renegade.

Jonathan Fields, mega-firm lawyer turned successful lifestyle entrepreneur, blogger and writer shows you how to turn your passion–whether it’s cooking or copy-writing, teaching or playing video games–into a better payday and a richly satisfying life.

* Discover the 7 career renegade paths to prosperity
* Tap technology to turn a seemingly moneyless passion into a goldmine
* Rapidly test and tune your idea for free, from the comfort of your couch
* Establish yourself as an authority in a new field with little or no investment
* Cultivate the mission-driven, action-oriented career renegade mindset
* Rally others to your cause, and convince them you’re not nuts

Join the movement now…and take back your livelihood and life!

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places where a need is either not being filled or is screaming for a better solution. And, these are often the places of greatest opportunity, the openings that are ripe for exploitation and monetization. So, lets look at the major categories of gaps to explore and potentially turn into sources of income, starting with information gaps. In order to participate in any activity, you need a certain amount of fundamental information. Maybe it's the rules of the game, knowledge of systems, wisdom,

You do not need a following to make it work. While Brian launched Teaching Sells largely through his substantial blogging audience, you do not need a massive group of followers to succeed. Indeed, if you create a service that has enough value and you can demonstrate a strong demand for the knowledge you'll be sharing, you'll very likely be able to partner with people who already have giant lists in exchange for a percentage of the revenue (often 50 percent) generated by subscribers from their

research may end up pointing you in any number of different directions. It might reveal enough interest to strengthen your desire to explore a particular path and take the next step. It may disclose a lack of interest and compel you to move on to something else. It may open up any number of related opportunities that you never even knew existed. Or, it may reveal a strong level of demand, but also a substantial amount of competition. Competition is not a bad thing. It is a sign of demand. But if

Over time, you'll begin to figure out which ones are most useful and which are largely redundant or not useful enough to justify the time and effort. Then go to your online or local bookstore, find out what the top-selling or most-recommended titles are in the area of your passion and dive in. Commit to the process of learning by setting a reading schedule and take notes to ensure active involvement in the process. While subject-specific content is increasingly easy to find online and in

my opinion on what they have to say on the matter. Steve and Muhammad have the ability to devote a lot of time to these communities, because doing so is at the heart of how they earn their livings. But, what if you have an unrelated full-time job and other obligations that leave little time to develop profiles in multiple communities and become an active participant in each? My approach has been to focus on a smaller number of communities, for me it's and, and

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