Circling the Midnight Sun

James Raffan

Language: English

Pages: 268

ISBN: 1443405841

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From seasoned traveller and bestselling author James Raffan comes a book that will transform the way we think about northerners and the north

Over the course of three years, James Raffan circumnavigated the globe at 66.6 degrees latitude: the Arctic Circle. Armed with his passion for the north, his interest in diverse cultures and his unquenchable sense of adventure, he set out to put a human face on climate change. What he discovered was by turns shocking, frustrating, entertaining and enlightening. In Circling the Midnight Sun, Raffan presents a warm-hearted, engaging portrait of the circumpolar world, but also a deeply affecting story of societies and landscapes in the throes of enormous change. Compelling and utterly original, this is both an adventure story and a book that will change your view of the north forever.

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Alaska, after the introduction of the rifle and in concert with intensifying whaling activity in the Bering Strait, the coastal peoples along the strait and the Chukchi Sea were starving. That was when the Presbyterian Church, in a venture initiated by Rev. Sheldon Jackson and supported by the U.S. Congress, raised $2,000 and brought reindeer across the Bering Strait from Chukotka. Reindeer herding was readily taken up by the Inupiat on the coast of Alaska, but also by non-Native Alaskans like

Circle, cultures—whole peoples—are melting away too, right in front of our eyes. What is interesting and perhaps sad about that is that both these phenomena are happening in real time and both are being affected and accelerated, in one way or another, by climate change. Scientific exploration has made a huge contribution to humanity’s understanding of the past. When the legendary glaciologist Dr. Fritz Koerner and his team started drilling into the Penny Ice Cap on Baffin Island in the 1950s,

offshore. The self-government law fixed the Danish government’s subsidy to Greenland at its 2009 level, 3.4 billion kroner (US$600 million). Unlike the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement, which devolved power to Canada’s newest northern territory with everything it needed to succeed except resource-revenue-generating potential, the Danish law gave Greenland the first 75 million kroner (US$12 million) in rates and royalties; after that, half the revenue over the 75 million kroner would be subtracted

Lackenbauer, and in Repulse Bay, hunter, boat driver and guide, the late Joani Kringayark. You have all been instrumental in one way or another in circling the midnight sun. And on the Coppermine River, members of the Atanigi Expedition described in Chapter 20 were Craig Parkinson, Angulalik Pedersen, Katrina Hotogina, Billy McWilliam, Carla Algona, Colin Smith, Ken MacDiarmid, Andrew Aziz, John Aziz, Charlie Walker, Rob Willoughby, Philip von Hahn, Kevin Ongahak, Molly Prendergast and Kenny

what the people wanted to do with public funds? A solid majority of voters responded with a resounding no. The president relayed this message to British prime minister Gordon Brown and many others in the international financial community. Brown had already put Iceland on the British list of terrorist states and agencies, alongside al Qaeda and the Taliban. Today, however, it is clear that the debts of these particular banks will be almost fully covered by the recovered assets. Through Icesave,

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