Cultivate a Cool Career: Guerrilla Tactics for Reaching the Top

Ken Langdon

Language: English

Pages: 165

ISBN: 2:00025362

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

52 fresh ideas for climbing the ladder...two steps at a time.Cultivate a Cool Career offers the guidance and hints to help job-seekers-whether they're recent college grads or are experienced workers looking for new directions-achieve their professional goals.- Idea #7: Lead with style- Idea #23: Draw your own map- Idea #29: Changing horses mid-career- Idea #48: Make me an offer

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uncovers your deception will give you a very rough start. A lie never ceases to be a ticking time bomb, and it’s so easy to forget what you said if it wasn’t the truth. If the job seems ideal for you, and you seem ideal for the job, don’t pretend to meet a criterion set by the employer. Rather work out in your preparation why the criterion is unnecessary and/or how quickly you could become able to fulfill it in any case. How did it go? Q I’ve written a fantastic résumé and presented it

progress meetings, or en masse by inviting the customer to come and speak at the annual get-together. Invite your boss as well. If getting everyone to meet the customer is a new idea, you could be doing your career no harm at all if you introduce this. Engineers, for example, sometimes completely transform the way they think about their work once they have a real insight into what the customers are trying to do and how they look at their offerings. The finance department may seem an unlikely

benefit one. The publisher made a tidy profit, career benefit two, and there was a huge party with senior management from both organizations coming together to celebrate, career benefit three. (I got involved because they asked me to write the book in seven weeks. And that benefited my career, too! Thank you, Mark.) How did it go? Q OK, I came up with something and the customer likes it. They are, as you predicted, clever, and selling it high and wide in their organization. How do I let their

thing she had noticed most about the other guy was that he had said hello to her in the mornings. The son-in-law had simply walked passed her as though she didn’t exist. Here’s an idea for you... This is going to sound a bit cheesy, but the next time you have a meeting ask at the start for everyone to talk for a moment about something they are proud of achieving since the last meeting. It starts the meeting off much more positively than the normal way, where the leading item is the biggest

and turned out to be hopeless. And, of course, there was one where no agent of change appeared, not even the station manager, and we failed there. So the 20 percent rule is a practical one. Try another idea... If you want to see how a team sets up a strategy quickly try IDEA 23, Draw your own map. Defining idea... “Most of the change we think we see in life Is due to truths being in and out of favor.” ROBERT FROST WEIGH YOUR CHANCES OF PULLING OFF THE STUNT So, before you start to

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