Deadly Currents (RM Outdoor Adventures Mystery, Book 1)

Beth Groundwater

Language: English

Pages: 203

ISBN: 1445838117

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A new series from award-winning author Beth Groundwater

The Arkansas River, heart and soul of Salida, Colorado, fuels the small town's economy and thrums in the blood of river ranger Mandy Tanner. When a whitewater rafting accident occurs, she deftly executes a rescue, but a man dies anyway. Turns out, it wasn't the rapids that killed him—he was murdered. Tom King was a rich land developer with bitter business rivals, who cheated on his wife, refused to support his kayak-obsessed son, and infuriated environmentalists.

Mandy's world is upended again when tragedy strikes closer to home. Suspicious that the most recent death is connected to Tom King's murder, Mandy goes on an emotionally turbulent quest for the truth—and ends up in dangerous waters.


"A remarkable book by an author who clearly knows and loves her territory. Don't miss it!" —William Kent Krueger

"Comes rushing at you from the first page like roiling whitewater, and culminates in a riveting climax that lives up to this book's name. If you like outdoor adventure and gripping characters, this one's a must-read."—SANDI AULT, Mary Higgins Clark and WILLA Award-winning author of the WILD Mystery series

“A heart-racing debut with as many twists and turns and unexpected upsets as a ride through the rapids itself.”—MARGARET COEL, author of The Silent Spring

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money. Mandy searched the shelves first, even dragging a chair in from the bedroom so she could see all the way to the back of the top shelves. Then she patted down the clothing, searching pockets. “I’m going into the bedroom,” Quintana announced. “I’ll be here awhile.” Mandy sat on the floor and started opening shoeboxes and checking them one by one. A pair of lime-green strappy heels, liberally studded with rhinestones, made her pause. She took one out of the box, stood it on her

the way,” she said, “with everyone in two rafts. At least it happened toward the end of the trip. Did you get many complaints?” “Some,” Kendra replied, “but a couple of the kids had gotten tired of paddling, so we put them in the middle—along with Ajax. He kept them entertained.” Ajax rolled his eyes. Mandy knew what that meant. Pulling out all the old knock-knock jokes and hand games. Increasing the self-deprecating banter to put the blame on himself and off the customers. Trying

deserves to win.” A risk taker. Was he capable of murdering his own father to get access to the money he needed to keep on living as a river rat? As Mandy resumed her seat next to Rob to wait for the next heat of rafts, she began to think Evie was right, that Quintana had the wrong suspect in jail. _____ Hours later, Mandy poked her head through Rob’s bedroom doorway. He was snoring peacefully, in the deep sleep of sheer exhaustion. After watching his guide crew’s homemade

hunting experience. Mandy tried to recall if she had heard anything about Lenny Preble and hunting. Given his environmental leanings, she doubted it. But Lenny was the one who brought the sealed sports drink bottles to the rafting trip. Two witnesses saw Paula give Tom King his bottle, but how did the bottle get from Lenny to Paula? Did he or Evie unseal one, drop in the aconite powder, reseal it, and hand it to Paula along with hers, asking her to give one to Tom? Again, to throw suspicion

there to die. A siren wailed in the distance. I can’t leave him. I’m a whitewater river ranger. He tried to kill me. The sirens came closer, approaching the Steamplant Theater. I’m supposed to rescue people. I’m half-dead myself. I don’t have the energy. Car doors slammed and people began shouting. Flashlight beams pierced the night sky. Do it, Mandy. You won’t be able to live with yourself if you don’t. She crawled down to the bank, braced her feet

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