Dragon's Triangle (The Shipwreck Adventures)

Christine Kling

Language: English

Pages: 494

ISBN: 1477823131

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Maggie Riley has settled into her new life in Thailand, working aboard her sailboat and doing her best to leave the past behind. When she receives a letter from a World War II vet claiming to have served with her grandfather who went missing in action, Riley is once again pulled into the intrigue that tore her family apart and led to the disappearance of her former search partner—and the love of her life.

Armed with the secret code her grandfather left behind, Riley must head to the Philippines to hunt for a mysterious shipwreck, uncover the truth of Yamashita’s gold, and find the answers to old questions about her own family.

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sealed the front entrance, but there is another entrance in the mountains.” “Are you still at Camiguin?” “No. They say there’s a typhoon coming. We’re running for cover—but we just changed course for Vigan.” “I’ll drive there tomorrow and meet you. Skar, if you can’t steal this cloth, at least get a photo of it. Then call me.” When Elijah picked up the sandpaper and returned to the sword, he had to force himself to be gentle. Why couldn’t things have gone according to his plan? And how dare

entwined fingers resting on top of her backpack. The silence stretched out. She could feel Peewee’s eyes on her, but she wasn’t about to speak first. He was the one who called this meeting. Let him figure out how to get started. “You’ve got your grandmother’s eyes,” he said at last. “You knew her?” “Oh yeah, I was best man at the wedding. Is it all right if I call you Maggie?” “Actually, Irv, most people just call me Riley.” Only Cole had called her Miss Maggie Magee, then shortened it just

leaking barrel of diesel. The exec slammed the door to the torpedo tube and flashed a thumbs-up sign that was relayed forward to the control room. Moments later another depth charge exploded so close Ozzie felt as if his teeth were rattling in his head. Seconds after the explosion, the sub shuddered as the blast of compressed air flushed into the torpedo tube and sent the bubbles, oil, and debris out toward the surface. Clothing, bits of wood, oil. That was all that made it to the surface when

hoping the map will give us the exact location.” “Do you think it’s legit? It’s not some forgery made by a Filipino looking to score big off some treasure hunter?” “No, Cole, I think it’s the real thing. I had Brian help me run some tests on the paper of that letter, and we compared it to other letters from the Japanese military here in Luzon during the same period. It’s a match.” “Well, they say the Dragon’s Triangle stretches from north of the Philippines up to Japan. The Babuyan Islands

afraid of you, if that’s what you’re asking.” Elijah laughed in his face. “You are so predictable. My dog is smarter than you, Salim. It’s no wonder this girl keeps outsmarting you, but alas, you’re all I’ve got. So here it is. Be my watchdog.” Elijah lifted the binoculars so the strap slid up off his head. He held them out to Benny. “Her boat is slow, but you won’t be able to sleep the nights through. Nap. Then wake and check. Don’t let her get by you this time. Do you understand?” Elijah

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