Fit: When Talent And Intelligence Just Won't Cut It

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 073032494X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Understand where you fit to understand where you'll excel

Fit: When Talent and Intelligence Just Won't Cut It answers the fundamental performance questions that people have asked for generations. Why is that some individuals are consistently high performers, how do they keep performing in varying situations, organisations and contexts, why can some people just not seem to be able to crack that code, and why do some individuals perform exceptionally well in certain organisations but not in others? This fresh new book challenges current thinking about the war for talent and the role intelligence plays in high performance sport and business. Over 3,000 profiles of elite corporate managers and professional elites have been studied to find the answers as to why certain individuals consistently get exceptional results and why great talent doesn't transfer across teams and businesses.

Fit considers real live cases and well-known examples of spectacular successes and failures through the lens of the Hogan Personality Tools. This shows how elite performance is dependent on three things; understanding what role your behaviours are best suited to, what culture you perform your best in and how you're likely to derail your career. Armed with this knowledge, this innovative text allows you to connect the dots on your past performances and prepares you to find roles, organisations and teams which best fit you - opening the door for elite performance. Instead of talent management and changing behaviour, look to Fit as a key to your performance improvement. You'll find that performance does not have a one-size-fits-all formula - it is bespoke, personal and different for each individual.

  • Understand how you can align your natural style with the right roles to achieve elite performance in your professional and personal lives
  • Appreciate your unique behavioural patterns that impact personal and team success
  • Discover that true success is not totally dependent on talent and intelligence, but on discovering what you're good at and where you fit.

Fit: When Talent and Intelligence Just Won't Cut It unearths the hidden traits of elite performance and enables you to find your fit to further enhance your engagement and success.

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grinding out their day so they can go home and watch Game of Thrones. Whether it's that people are just in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing; or they think their boss is an idiot, or their boss is an idiot; or they are disenchanted because they are fed up with the clear division between the ‘talent' and the rest — employee or player disengagement is disastrous for any business or team. All too often leaders and sports coaches believe that they have a few brilliant individuals that they need

the Federal Reserve Bank in the US commissioned research into the effectiveness of rewards on performance they probably hoped for evidence to defend a financial culture based on bonuses. To conduct such important research they commissioned four economists from MIT, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Chicago who, in 2005, reported their findings: ‘In eight of the nine tasks we examined across three experiments, higher incentives led to worse performance'. The London School of Economics analysed

something triggers us and we get nudged off course. The trigger is different for everyone and part of the process of really diving deeply into our own personality is to uncover or appreciate what those triggers are. A trigger is almost always located in very high scores or very low scores within the HDS: someone who is very high Leisurely can get triggered if someone questions their approach or interrupts them. Someone who is very high Cautious can be triggered by someone telling them something

own brand of high performance. You might already be a star but don't know how to maintain consistency and improve over time. You might be managing a star but can't get the team to gel or can't seem to unlock consistent effort. Perhaps your performance has hit the dreaded plateau or started to diminish and you can't figure out why. Or perhaps you are an aspiring star who already has the skills, ability and expertise to fulfil your potential but don't know how to take your performance to the next

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