Hardcore Zen Strikes Again

Language: English

Pages: 170

ISBN: 1937513076

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Author Brad Warner (Hardcore Zen, Sit Down and Shut Up, Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, and Sex, Sin, and Zen) revisits seventeen of his earlier essays on topics ranging from vegetarianism to punk rock, working for Japanese monster movie makers, and the art of Zen writing, complete with all-new analyses, introduction and afterword.

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found. But those copies had Japanese subtitles burned in that could not be removed. And to this day, all versions of the series released on video have those same subtitles. CHAPTER 8 EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE INTRODUCTION This piece is interesting to me in that I know what I was trying to say here, but I feel like I say it pretty badly. On the other hand, it generated a lot of positive response when I first put it up. So maybe I’m being too critical. How about if I let you read it

that as it may, the 70s passed without Ultraman gaining a foothold in America. And that really hurt, because that was precisely the time it should have taken off. It wasn’t until the 80s that the company became more serious about the US market. A plan was hatched to have Hanna Barbera develop an Ultraman cartoon show. But this never got any further than a 90 minute pilot (Ultraman: The Adventure Begins). In 1989 a co-production with the South Australian Film Corporation did very well in

syndication. But with just 13 episodes, it never gained any real traction. I’ve already mentioned the US co-production. The less said about that, the better. By the 1990s, though I was there and rarin’ to go. But then disaster struck. Noboru Tsuburaya died and, within just a few months a man from Thailand started faxing us to say that Noboru had granted him worldwide rights to everything Ultraman in perpetuity. He was able to convince the courts both in Thailand and in Japan that the rights

in Chocolate and Sex Sin and Zen. He’s also a featured blogger for the Suicide Girls website. In 2011 Brad starred in the indie comedy Shoplifting From American Apparel. He’s the bass player for the hardcore punk rock group Zero Defex. He once worked in Tokyo and Los Angeles for the company founded by the man who created Godzilla. He has appeared in several Japanese monster movies, usually as a guy running down the street away from some radioactive mutant brontosaurus.

impossible to avoid. Here’s where Buddhism comes in to rescue us. The reason we hate to believe that science is right is because we believe so deeply in the division of matter and spirit. If the material view is right—and who can deny that it is anymore?—we think we can’t believe in anything spiritual. The two sides are fundamentally opposed. If one is right, the other is wrong. As much as we understand that matter is real (but not reality, I’ll get to that in a minute), we can’t deny spirit.

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