HowlSage (Sages of Darkness)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 076844005X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I saw things, things of pure evil.

The HowlSage s brown moist nostrils flared as it caught my sent and smelled for fear something it wouldn t find.

HowlSage, the first book in the Sages of Darkness series, is a fast-paced, exciting, and suspenseful action story about Taylor, a 14-year-old who is part of a secret society whose mission is to destroy the evil sages that walk the earth. As Taylor doggedly vows to solve the mystery of his missing father, does a pretty schoolmate s distraction cause dangerous consequences?

A coffin discovered in Egypt, a jewel heist, and holes that swallow people into the darkness form the crux of the adventures that keeps hearts pounding. Taylor, with the help of his cousin, Jesse, and younger friend Ike, a budding scientist, race against the calendar and the wickedness that faces the world during the full moon on October 31. Will the sage hunters defeat them in time?

Join the boys on their quest as they tackle the world of the unknown with bravery armed with the Cross of Jesus and the Sword of the Bible.

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above. The hot tub was large and square, easily fitting twenty people if you wanted, its middle sported a half-submerged hippopotamus, which was pink in color. The hippo sported bubble jets, one of which was comically placed near its butt. It so happened that this jet also turned on first, so for at least a few seconds it looked as though the hippo was breaking wind. I almost could picture the builder rolling across the floor of his home, laughing in hysterics at his crafty inside joke. Jesse

collapsed until they were all gathered around the vending truck. They’re in a space only twenty yards wide and the tunnel is a half mile in length.” “Do they have enough oxygen?” I asked. “Yes, the ventilation system is still working.” “That’s good.” “In the meantime, we’re headed to the canning factory and through the tunnel to the mines.” “We?” “Yes, you, Jesse, and myself. And we’re taking Ike’s invention with us.” “You mean the purple smoke? Is it ready?” I asked. McGarrett nodded. “I

aligned for this to happen?” “Sort of, but in the scheme of things, angels and demons aren’t like us—they aren’t mortal like us. These alignments have happened many times before, and will happen many more times.” It was hard to believe that something this devious, something this meticulously planned could be happening right under our noses. “Ike, do you know everything that is needed to create a BloodSage?” I asked. “There’s a summary in the book.” Ike quickly flipped the pages to the end of

hadn’t even dreamed as far as I could remember. Ike had already woken and left, but his sleeping bag still lay over near the fireplace. Shower. Breakfast. School. All flew by a little less quickly than I would have liked. But what mattered was Ike and I had made it home. The news was that the tunnel excavation was going again, but they were still a day or more away from reaching Mr. and Mrs. Swigart. Jesse’s parents would arrive sometime this evening. The train had been delayed and then

couldn’t dig through. We climbed up the ladder and into the closed cab. Mr. Swigart fired up the engine, and Mrs. Swigart pushed the door opener. She waved to us and blew kisses as we rolled out of the garage and into the falling snow. We lowered the bucket and plowed the lane as we went. Ike held the small tablet computer up and I watched the blue dot representing my uncle get closer. He hadn’t stopped and was still moving toward us. Ten minutes later, we found him. He was hobbling through the

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