Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers

Language: English

Pages: 440

ISBN: 0812968719

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Legendary investor Jim Rogers gives us his view of the world on a twenty-two-month, fifty-two-country motorcycle odyssey in his bestselling business/adventure book, Investment Biker, which has already sold more than 200,000 copies.

Before you invest another dollar anywhere in the world (including the United States), read this book by the man Time magazine calls “the Indiana Jones of finance.”

Jim Rogers became a Wall Street legend when he co-founded the Quantum Fund. Investment Biker is the fascinating story of Rogers’s global motorcycle journey/investing trip, with hardheaded advice on the current state and future direction of international economies that will guide and inspire investors interested in foreign markets.

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empires, none of which, unfortunately, had left any written record. Thus by necessity he had to be somewhat more vague about his historical sources than he would have been if writing a Princeton doctoral thesis. The ruins of this old stone city were the largest ancient structures south of the Sahara. According to Stan, in terms of importance they were on a par historically with the ruins of the Mayans, the Romans, and the Aztecs. To me, the Great Zimbabwe looked to have been a large fortress

get there first and capture the South African market. For example, Zimbabwe’s trade with South Africa had been doubling every year for at least five years. Here’s my bullish case for Africa: In the sixties, seventies, and eighties, the Soviets and the Americans had financed dozens of African regimes through the CIA and KGB. Today there are no more struggles with Communists or socialists, nor any money to finance them. The movement has died. Neither the Americans nor the Soviets are propping up

at the hotel in Colón at midnight, and a bed has rarely felt as good. Coming out of Argentina toward Chile, the Andes rose in the distance, sixty or seventy miles away. Around us across the pampas stretched huge vineyards. As we drove into the mountains the temperature dropped. Every two or three hundred yards stood depth rods, four yards high, marked to show how deep the snow was. Around six thousand feet it began to snow, but we kept going, afraid we would become snowed in. We arrived at

economy and monetary policy into a cry for democracy. Most Chinese weren’t all that interested in democracy. They mainly wanted to get rich, like most people everywhere. Marx was right about one thing: Money is the root of everything. If you figure out the money, you can figure out almost any political situation. (Most everything else Marx got wrong.) Look at what caused the Boston Massacre. The Boston economy had gone to hell in the early 1770s, with the unemployment rate at more than 30

Russians. The Russians don’t have a vast, successful overseas population to aid their stricken country. Why? First, there are not huge numbers of them overseas. Second, the overseas Russians haven’t been as successful as the overseas Chinese. Third, they don’t have the Chinese’s historical capitalistic experience. The Russians weren’t great capitalists even under the czars, whom the Communists threw out seventy-five years ago. The Communist takeover in China was only in 1949. Lots of Chinese

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