Lady of the Trillium (The Saga of the Trillium, Book 4)

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Elisabeth Waters

Language: English

Pages: 203

ISBN: 2:00364224

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Torn between love and duty, a reluctant young acolyte will be called on to magically save her imperiled world in this enthralling chapter of the Saga of the Trillium.

Of the three royal siblings who made up the Petals of the Living Trillium, only Lady Haramis survives nine hundred years after the events that nearly devastated their realm. But the Archimage is old and ill, and a successor must be found if Ruwenda is to remain safe and protected. In Princess Mikayla, Haramis recognizes the ideal candidate. However, the impulsive teenager must be carefully schooled in the magic arts—and the headstrong youth isn’t certain she even wants the responsibility, especially if it means abandoning her one true love. But time is running out—for Haramis and for the kingdom. And with disaster looming, the fate of Mikayla’s endangered homeland may soon fall heavily on the shoulders of a young, only half-trained rebel, ready or not.
Revisiting the magnificent world she created with fellow fantasy luminaries Julian May and Andre Norton in Black Trillium, the remarkable Marion Zimmer Bradley joins coauthor Elisabeth Waters to gaze into the far future of the World of the Three Moons. Lady of the Trillium is an enthralling, unforgettable tale of destiny, duty, magic, love, and the seemingly unbridgeable chasm between old and young.

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Melting Stones















understand what you are talking about,” the harp replied. “And, for future reference, I prefer not to be touched without my consent.” Uzun’s rich voice sounded annoyed as it vibrated into silence, and Haramis smiled. Fiolon asked, “Where did he go? Tell him to come back—I mean, ask him, please.” Haramis looked grave. “Even I do not give orders to Uzun, my boy. I am afraid that between you, you children have really managed to offend him, and it may be a considerable time before he speaks to

under Master Uzun’s direction.” Enya might not have been happy about it, but there wasn’t much she could do. At Mikayla’s request, she assigned one of the Vispi to help Mikayla dig snow off the plaza. Enya didn’t like it, but Mikayla didn’t care. It was great to be outdoors. Mikayla felt more alive and more real than she had since she had first come to the Tower. Being shut up indoors with Haramis made her feel like a shadow or a ghost, but now, outside in the sunlight, she felt wonderful,

just the same. “Master Uzun is back here now, and I shall be continuing to use this room,” she said quietly, “so I would appreciate it if the temperature could be maintained at its customary level.” “Yes, Princess,” Enya said quickly. “I’ll make sure of it. And I’ll go bring up a tray for you. You must be hungry; you haven’t eaten in days.” “Thank you, Enya.” Mikayla made herself smile at the housekeeper, despite her lingering annoyance at the way Uzun had been mistreated. “That’s very kind of

the backlash.” Haramis didn’t need that part explained to her. “No wonder she suddenly got interested in what it meant to have land sense and be Archimage. I thought she was finally becoming resigned to her fate. But she was just gathering information for Fiolon, wasn’t she?” “To her mind, yes,” Uzun said. “But she’s not stupid, and she couldn’t pass on to him what she hadn’t learned herself.” “A male Archimage.” Haramis shook her head in wonder. “Are you absolutely sure, Uzun?” “Yes,” Uzun

to admit it. It says that ‘Pink-Eye’ is a ridiculous name. And it has been a good friend to Mikayla, so I’m willing to humor it in this. It has excellent night vision and it’s nearly invisible against snow.” “So you go in on this Red-Eye,” Haramis said, “grab Mikayla, which should be easy enough for you—” “No,” Fiolon said. “It won’t be easy. She’s not going to come willingly. She says that she gave her word that she’d do this ritual, and she keeps her word.” “What about her promise to be

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