Library of Gold (Rogue Angel, Book 37)

Alex Archer, Joseph Nassise

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 2:00307146

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He was one of Russia's most infamous rulers, and he alone held the key to a legendary Byzantine collection of books, given to him in the dowry of Princess Sophia of Constantinople.

Ivan Vasilyevich—otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible—owned a library filled with rare and priceless tomes that men would kill for. Would die for. But the czar carried the knowledge of its whereabouts to his grave. And it falls to archaeologist Annja Creed, almost five hundred years later, to discover the secrets of the Library of Gold.

When the opportunity to unravel the mystery of this so-called eighth wonder of the world lands in Annja's lap, she can't resist. Armed with a diary of cryptic clues, she embarks on a journey to Russia, where she must somehow find her way into the very heart of the country, beneath the Kremlin.

But Annja soon discovers she's racing a ruthless KGB agent driven by sinister motives. She finds herself deep beneath the Russian soil in a dangerous game of cat and mouse… Will she be the next to mysteriously disappear from history?

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about the same time the library had gone missing. Legend claimed the Gospel had once been a part of the library and that it contained a clue to the library’s whereabouts, but it had been stored in the cathedral for hundreds of years with restricted access. Nobody had verified if the legend was true. Given that they weren’t getting in to see the Gospel, Annja didn’t see how this was going to help them and said as much to the other two. “As it turns out,” Charles replied, “I have a colleague on

sounded a little tired in that one, Annja. Let’s redo it, all right?” Annja Creed stared out through the glass of the sound booth at the smiling face of her producer, Doug Morrell, and had to resist the urge to run him through with her sword. She sounded tired because she was tired; they’d been at this for more than nine hours already! If he wanted her to sound fresh and energetic, they were going to have to call it quits soon or she wouldn’t have a voice left for tomorrow’s session. Annja

guest rooms lined either side of the hallway they emerged into. Annja glanced in both directions, noting a pair of elevators to her left, the stairwell to her right and the maid’s cart in the middle of the hallway in between. She thought longingly about the backpack she’d left in the room upstairs, the one containing her camera and laptop. She didn’t want to leave it behind, but going up instead of down seemed like a bad idea from a tactical perspective, especially if their pursuers knew who they

After a while, Annja began to get the sensation that she was being watched. Again. It was like an itch in the center of her back that she couldn’t scratch, but each time she turned around and shone her light in the tunnel behind her, she didn’t see anything. She didn’t like it. If they were being followed, she wanted to know why. This creeping through the dark in their wake had to stop. A few minutes later the tunnel bisected a natural cavern and Annja saw her chance. Several stalagmites rose

lifted easily in Vlad’s big hands and they crawled out into street in front of the Hotel Homeless itself. An encampment at the edge of the city that was home to those who were down and out. Moments later Vlad was on his cell phone, making contact with the comrade who had picked up the van. They had survived their first journey into the Moscow underground. Chapter 21 The rendezvous point was an abandoned military warehousing facility that had been mothballed shortly after the end of the

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