Outsource It!: A No-Holds-Barred Look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Offshoring Tech Projects

Nick Krym

Language: English

Pages: 264

ISBN: 193778505X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

If you need to expand your business but not your budget, if your group has an intense but short-term project, if you don't have the skill set to get a job done-it's time to think about outsourcing. Starting from the first step (should you outsource part of your tech work?) to the last (how can you protect your intellectual property?), you'll learn everything about setting up projects overseas.

Sending your prized assets halfway around the world-or halfway around the country-takes a lot of courage for technical leads accustomed to doing things themselves. This book is full of real-life examples that show you how outsourcing really works.

Learn how to choose your outsourcing destination by defining selection criteria tables and applying weights to them. You'll see how to pick the right vendor and understand why recommendations aren't the right way to do it. Then calculate the quality of the code your offshore developers turn in. You'll find out how to adjust your waterfall or agile project for an overseas team, and you'll see why outsourcing QA is not always the prudent approach. Your offshore team will never be as productive as your local team-you'll learn why that doesn't always matter. Finally, you'll discover how much money you'll spend to outsource and how much you can save-which is sometimes more than you'd think and less than you'd like.

Written by an expert who's seen it all, Outsource It! will help you avoid mistakes and give you the confidence and the skills to take your project wherever it needs to go.

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right to review and approve them. Logistics. Specify requirements of location, access to personnel, infrastructure, security, and other logistical components. If you expect your vendors to execute the engagement from the space station, it’s important to let them know so they can adjust their estimates. Communications and reporting. Describe the method and frequency of communications; list all reports you expect the vendor to produce. Proposal Requirements: Structure and content.

vendor selection process that included on-site visits, marathon interviews, and long and pricey MSA negotiations. I smiled as I hung up the phone after my final discussion with the CEO. I liked the team in Russia, some of the guys there were on par with my best developers, the location promised to cure my nostalgia for my motherland (I was born in Moscow), and I was proud to have resolved the biggest obstacle I faced on the first day of negotiations: substantially higher rates for

period of time. You can’t control what you can’t measure, but that doesn’t mean that you can control what you can measure. Even so, I’d rather work with whatever metrics I can get my hands on than with no metrics at all. Establishing a metrics framework will reduce anxiety about outsourcing the coding and provide a reasonable gauge of the initiative’s success. 13.5 “Black Box” Outsourcing The term “black box” often means “functional testing,” but we’ll use it to mean an

for outsourcing, introduce steps that will keep your outsourcing partner disposable. The waterfall model works naturally with disposable outsourcing, and even more so with high CMMI-level vendors, because of its high degree of detailed documentation, staged delivery, and isolated hand-offs. In addition, techniques common to agile practices such as test-driven development and continuous integration with frequent releases significantly simplify the recovery from the loss of an outsourcing

ripple effect, hitting you from an unexpected angle. For example, your management could perceive it as your failure to manage suppliers. If a few minutes of thought doesn’t change your opinion, move swiftly. The only regret I ever had after cutting a supplier loose was that it took me too long to do it. Make a Clean Cut Terminating a vendor relationship can be a messy process. If not handled properly, cutting the cord can result in serious wounds on both sides. To avoid profuse

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