Christopher Byron

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1438288980

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A car speeds through the intersection and BAM, Ryan Parker's life is over. He wakes up several days later, in a government facility, and finds that everything is different. He survived the crash, but doing so sets him on a path of self discovery and unleashes a force within him that he could never have believed before. Ryan is tested again and again, pushed beyond the limits of human endurance. Through seemingly endless imprisonment, harrowing escapes, and his battle to stay one step ahead of his tormentors. He is pursued relentlessly by a covert military agency determined to control his every move. Ryan is up against more than he can handle alone. Aided by new friends with interesting abilities of their own and using only his skill and quick thinking, Ryan must find a way to save his own life and the lives of those he loves. Ryan learns the hard way that, when you're pushed up against the wall, there is only one thing to do. Push Back.

Callsign: Queen - Book I (A Zelda Baker - Chess Team Novella)

Prisoners of Perfection

The Legend of Luke (Redwall, Book 12)

Coraline (10th Anniversary Edition)

The Chosen of Gaia


















Princess. Right now you've got 3 minutes to be in the hallway. I suggest you piss now because we ain't stopping 'til the car needs gas. Else you can sit in it. The smell ain't going to bother me." And he walked out the door. Ryan watched him go with deepening apprehension. What could possibly be next? Ryan was right about one thing. There were no other "patients" here. Not now at least. It looked like there hadn't been much going on here in some time. Stealing glances left and right as he was

roads, masking the signs of the banks and fast food chains until you're almost on top of their driveways. Some people walk from one shop to another, most run for the comfortable climate of the stores, or to their cars to start the AC. It's August in the barely sub subtropics and the heat rises off the asphalt like Christ from the dead. But there is no hope in this heat, only sad resolution. For those without air conditioning summer is hell. The coffee shops business has dropped off and ice cream

careful not to let the door slam as it closed behind him and he hurried down the driveway toward the street. This was a much, much less settled part of Georgia than Atlanta had been. The houses weren't anywhere near as close together and when he stepped onto the street he was sure that he hadn't been noticed. At the end of the street, just before it passed out of view, he looked back at the house that he was sure belonged to a grandmother so much like his own. The memories that he had held close

without the key. It's alright. This way you can come out to the bar with us later. Couldn't have gone with those cuffs on. And I am really going to need a drink.” His hands were still in the ice. Red walked over to them, holding out the towel. She wrapped both of his hands in hers and coo'd softly to him. So softly with her face buried in his neck so that Ryan could not make out what she was saying. Shawn seemed to like it, a mischievous smile lighting his face. “Yeah, babe. You bet.” was all he

had just left the room. There were no nurses at the desk. Time to move. He opened the door quietly. The TV was on and it cast a soft blue glow around the room. Other than that it was dark. The girl’s head was laid gently to the side and she was breathing in deep steady breaths, asleep. He crossed the room silently. The baby was asleep too. It was left in what looked like an over sized glass baking dish balanced on a rolling cart. There were blankets piled in it, and a tag that identified it

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