Roaming Cadenza (A Bard's Folktale) (Volume 1)

Language: English

Pages: 388

ISBN: 0989570908

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Summer after high school graduation and nothing but the open road before him, Kody Lehane takes off on a road trip to find out what this whole "adulthood" thing is all about. In an effort to help his old co-worker Glenn overcome his traumatic past, Kody, along with his good friend Charisma and his ex-lover Alma, will do whatever it takes to help their mentally unstable buddy, and see some of the world along the way. They'll stop at nothing, even if it means breaking old promises, betraying those closest to them, and retracing the steps of the dead to find what they think they're looking for.

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traversed his head. “What should I write about today?” Kody thought aloud, trying to narrow his focus into something a little more cohesive. He began drawing in the margin of the page, hoping he might sketch out some kind of inspiration. “Guess I’ll just let it flow.” He began to write. He thought of the flowers he had seen on his walk to the school, and drew one in the margin. He kept staring. The flowers, their shimmering leaves share the joyful dance of the green throughout the field, careless

apparently.” She gave him a funny look, but he continued. “I’m sure Cris wouldn’t mind sharing some of her stuff until we can pick up some things for you, and between us we should have enough money to cover you.” “Are you sure about this? Do you really want me to come?” “Definitely.” Alma nurtured a reluctant smile, seemingly unsure of whether or not she should give in to Kody’s flights of fancy. She looked away from Kody, standing up and pacing around his room. Her line of sight followed the

along her hips; shortly after red polka dots decorated the floor. She closed her eyes, wishing for nothing other than to remain with her precious honey bear, quiet and alone, just like this. She finally let the air leave her lungs, ready to take another breath. A flash of lightning climbed up from the ground several miles behind the tree line. The crackling thunder that came echoing out shortly after scared her half to death. “Kody, I can’t do this!” she started panicking. Kody, now freeing

apprentice.” “I’d very much like to see shit fly, but I jes’ don’t think it’s gonna happen.” “I’m serious! You could have a very bright future in medicine if you stick with this!” “Like my broke ass even has a future…” “Stubborn…you have potential.” Dr. Asher became annoyed with his indifference. 168 A BARD’S FOLKTALE: ROAMING CADENZA “Every fuckin’ kid lyin’ dead in a ditch somewhere had potential. Now they’re just fodder and fertilizer.” “Look, whatever you believe, you do have talent.

the things I could do!” Cris chuckled to herself. “Umm…thanks, I think. But it’d be nice to meet a decent guy who actually cared about me for who I am—because I’m me. Like someone who thinks looks are just an extra perk or something. Do you think there’s a guy like that?” “Probably, somewhere. Like in a monastery or something. I hear monks are very devout.” “I’m serious, Alm!” “I know, I know…you’ll find your prince charming soon enough. Until then, we’re both single! I say we live it up and make

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