Ryanair: The Full Story of the Controversial Low-Cost Airline

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The supercharged growth of this low-cost airline has actually changed the way countless people live their lives, whether it be Ireland's new "Ryanair Generation" for whom its cheap flights to Dublin have eliminated much permanent emigration to the UK, or the thousands of Britons now enabled to buy holiday homes in rural France. This is the first book to tell the full story of the Ryanair phenomenon, from its inauspicious beginnings to its current dominance, from the secret of its business strategy to its cavalier stunts and practices. Ryanair employees past and present were interviewed, as well as its top management and those at its major rivals such as British Airways and easyJet, to produce an authoritative, objective, and compulsive account of one of the most colorful companies in Europe. With Ryanair continuing to expand, the battle for the low-cost airline market in Europe becoming ever more cutthroat, and chief executive Michael O'Leary happy to do battle with everyone from airports (for their landing charges) to his own pilots (over pay and conditions)—and generate an endless stream of PR and news stories in the process—this edition is fully updated to take account of all Ryanair's most recent history.

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his lieutenants attempted to address these issues. Conor McCarthy, the head of the airline’s operations, recalled holding focus groups with staff and customers to address some of the recurring problems. However, he said that Ryanair’s strict policies in relation to excess baggage and its refusal to offer any support or succour when flights were delayed or cancelled largely rendered this a futile exercise. His colleague, Caroline Green, who had headed Ryanair’s reservations operations before

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Airline Conquered Europe SIOBHÁN CREATON Dedicated to the memory of my parents, Tom and Josie Contents Acknowledgements 1 Don’t Forget Your Passport 2 Learning to Fly 3 Ryanair 4 Biggles O’Leary 5 Stansted or Bust 6 Cleared for Take-Off 7 Herb 8 Crash 9 O’Leary Air 10 Peanuts 11 Floating on Air 12 Strike 13 Conquering Europe 14 No Frills 15 The Fourth Secret of Fatima 16 ‘Dear Mary’ 17 Auf Wiedersehen Lufthansa 18 Buzz Away 19 A Perfect Storm 20 Foxtrot Oscar 21

bank and unnerved its investors. Bank of Ireland was reeling from a disastrous foray into the US market and was exposed to one of the worst property collapses in that economy through its New England subsidiary, First New Hampshire. Investors were puzzled why Ryan had decided to dump the stock at a time when the shares were worth over £1 less than the £1.98 he had originally paid for them. On paper he lost between £5 million and £6 million on this investment, although he would have been able to

directly from the departure gate onto the aircraft. Ryanair passengers had to walk out onto the tarmac and climb the steps when they wanted to board or leave a flight. The airline claimed it had a quota of ‘four or five’ wheelchair passengers per flight. A spokeswoman said this was based on European Union guidelines. Its only consideration was safety, she explained. Stories about the problems Ryanair caused for disabled passengers began to surface in the media. The Mirror told the story of

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