Sex, Sin, and Zen: A Buddhist Exploration of Sex from Celibacy to Polyamory and Everything in Between

Brad Warner

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1577319109

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With his one-of-a kind blend of autobiography, pop culture, and plainspoken Buddhism, Brad Warner explores an A-to-Z of sexual topics — from masturbation to dating, gender identity to pornography. In addition to approaching sexuality from a Buddhist perspective, he looks at Buddhism — emptiness, compassion, karma — from a sexual vantage. Throughout, he stares down the tough questions: Can prostitution be a right livelihood? Can a good spiritual master also be really, really bad? And ultimately, what's love got to do with any of it? While no puritan when it comes to non-vanilla sexuality, Warner offers a conscious approach to sexual ethics and intimacy — real-world wisdom for our times.

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shouldn’t need to in order to follow this book. But I could sure use the cash if you do decide to buy them! * If you must know, they are the Three Devotions: 1) Devotion to Buddha 2) Devotion to dharma and 3) Devotion to the sangha and the Three Universal Precepts (meaning they aren’t limited to just Buddhists), which are: 1) To observe social rules 2) To observe the rules of morality and 3) To work for the salvation of all beings. * As they should be, by the way! ** And a naughty one, too,

perspective. So I hope you’ll bear with me. I’m trying to provide something entirely different from any other book I’ve seen on the topic of Buddhism and sexuality. No other Zen monk that I know of has ever written a comprehensive book about sex. Even Dogen, the thirteenth-century monk who wrote about nearly every aspect of the lives of Buddhists, both monks and laypeople, barely even mentions sex. You can think of this, perhaps, as a pioneering work — a seminal one, even. * And it has all

practice why couldn’t we make the marriage work? It would be lovely if everyone who practiced Zen came out of their practice with all their problems solved and with the ability to make any relationship work. But, alas, it doesn’t work like that. The break-up didn’t have anything to do with Zen. It wasn’t like we disagreed on Dogen’s view of Being/Time or something. It had to do with all the usual things that break marriages up. I will say that when it happened it was far freer of drama than

to be talking to people at the party, and she was one of those people. Like a lot of people who go to parties in the greater Los Angeles area, this person was mainly looking for opportunities to further her career ambitions. When she found out I wrote books about Zen for a living, she immediately tuned me out. She started actively looking around the room for someone better to talk to as I was speaking to her. It was so unbelievably rude and obvious it was actually funny. I didn’t get mad. I

marriage can be. As for Buddhist dating, I’m afraid you’re pretty much on your own. * Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, in fine bookstores everywhere! * By the way, I hear that black guys are more popular in Japan than white guys these days. So white guys, hit those tanning booths! * See previous footnote. * As I was and still am! ** In sin! Chapter 27 WHEN GOOD SPIRITUAL MASTERS GO BAD I saw some of you readers out there flinching in the last chapter when I casually

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