Sword Art Online 6: Phantom Bullet - light novel

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0316296457

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In an effort to discover the truth behind Death Gun, Kirito has entered the Bullet of Bullets tournament in Gun Gale Online. Both he and Sinon the sniper girl have made it to the finals, and the reality of what they discover is stranger than anything they could've prepared for. As Sinon is forced to face her own past, lives are on the line once again, and Kirito struggles to connect Death Gun to events in the original SAO game--but can Death Gun's bizarre rampage be stopped in time?

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approach her for everyone knew that Sinon was «a wildcat-type girl who’ll take action mercilessly once she finds someone to be an enemy». She wanted to enter the dome waiting area to gather her concentration, and thus moved towards the presidential tower. After walking for a while, someone suddenly called her by her name from behind. “Sinon!” There was only one player in the world of GGO who would call her that way. The moment she turned around, she saw Shinkawa Kyouji, who she left several

how her deceased father looked at all. To her, the male face she had the biggest impression on was the criminal who robbed the post office that day. Once trouble happened, her phobia would work up, and that person’s face would appear in her head. That seemingly endless depth in the heinous express seemed to be hiding in the darkness around Sinon, looking at her. As for getting a boyfriend like the other girls, chit-chatting on the phone, going out on weekends, these things weren’t things that

her greatest weapon is to shoot those long distance sure-kill bullets. During the battle royale tournament today, I suppose she would be trying her best to shoot that bullet of revenge right between my forehead. Because of the above mentioned reasons—or rather, because I caused all of them, I was hesitating over whether I should say hello to Sinon, who was a few steps in front of me. But after a few seconds, I shook off my hesitation and took huge steps up the stairs before calling her by her

of the building. Once he stepped onto the road, he would be immediately hit by the L115 sniper rifle stun bullet. They had to stop Death Gun no matter what before he fired that black handgun. Kirito kept his device and looked at Sinon. He looked like he had something to say, but he merely said, “Please cover me.” “Understood.” Sinon answered simply and got up. She then moved up the stairs where Kirito was in front of, observed the surroundings, and moved her right hand to indicate that they

but he soon nodded his head and ran towards the only three-wheeler buggy that could still work. He touched the panel screen and started the engine, let Sinon sit on the rear panel, and once he got onto his own seat, he hit the acceleration on the three-wheeler buggy. The large back wheel immediately let out a sharp rubbing sound, gave off white smoke and started spinning. As the vehicle moved to the north road, Kirito immediately stopped and shouted, “Sinon, can your sniper rifle destroy that

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