Tartok The Ice Beast (Beast Quest)

Adam Blade

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0439024579

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One boy's journey to help his village becomes a quest to save the kingdom. Features a fearsome new beast in every book!

Even the most remote parts of the kingdom have not been spread from Malvel's wrath. The great ice flats have been thrown into chaos. Most of the people have fled, fearing for their lives. The dangerous weather changes and mysterious midnight attacks have driven most of them away. But if Tom and Elenna cannot stop the Ice Beast, the effects will be felt far beyond the frozen North.

As they strive to find a way to free Arcta from the evil enslavement to the dark wizard Malvel, Tom learns more about his mysterious father--and his own destiny as well.

Tribes (Joshua, Book 3)

The Rock Warrior's Way: Mental Training For Climbers

Ramage's Trial (Lord Ramage, Book 14)


Peter and the Secret of Rundoon (Starcatchers)

Leo Africanus
















“I think perhaps our luck has turned,” he said. Brendan smiled at Jennal. “Whatever wild animals roam these lands,” he went on, “if you join us, together we will be strong enough to fend them off.” “Together we will prosper,” Jennal agreed. Brendan’s eyes shone in the flickering light of the torch. “But first, you must be exhausted from your long journey. Let my people stable your horses and unload your things. Tonight we shall feast and celebrate the joining of our clans.” Everyone started to

giants, just to name a few. Growing up with his aunt and uncle, he used to think they were fairy tales. He’d certainly never seen a Beast. But then he’d never laid eyes on his father Taladon, either, and Tom believed he’d meet him one day. Now he knew that the Beasts were real. And a dark wizard named Malvel had enslaved them. He was using them to spread terror and destruction across the land for his own evil ends. King Hugo of Avantia and his wizard, Aduro, had chosen Tom to go on a special

camp on the coast so we can harvest it. We keep what we need and trade the rest for supplies. That is how we live.” “Seaweed? So we’ve been walking over a frozen bay,” Tom realized. “Yes. And you are lucky to have made it here safely.” Brendan tucked the plant into a pouch tied around his waist. “My son was attacked by a wild animal. It seems there is something loose on these plains. It’s not safe for anyone out here,” said Brendan. “These are harsh lands. And harsh times, too.” He glanced over

some distance away. Its driver was a small, huddled figure that Tom recognized at once. It was Albin. “Brendan!” Tom yelled ahead, but the wind snatched the words from his mouth and Albin’s father was too far in front to hear. Tom heard a thick cracking sound. Storm gave an alarmed whinny as the ice cracked beneath his hooves. Tom looked down and caught a glimpse of glittering turquoise water below. The ice had split open to reveal the sea underneath! Was the sleigh going to plunge into the icy

alive, I’ll fight the evil of Malvel.” Then, with a huge creak and boom, a fresh crack opened up in the ice right beside Shah. The pony snorted in fear and reared up, striking out with his front legs. Elenna gasped and threw herself forward, her hands clutching his mane, her feet slipping from the stirrups. Before Elenna could sit up in the saddle there was another loud crack. Whinnying in alarm, Shah shot forward. Elenna grabbed the reins. “Whoa! Steady, boy!” But the terrified pony plunged

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