The Art of Closing the Sale: The Key to Making More Money Faster in the World of Professional Selling

Brian Tracy

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0785214291

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Let me think it over."

Early in his sales career, world-renowned sales expert Brian Tracy couldn't find a way to overcome that simple five-word objection and close the sale. Then he discovered a technique that worked. Business boomed. Tracy broke every sales record in his company and increased his income twenty-fold.

Since that breakthrough many years ago, Tracy has meticulously studied and collected the best of the best in sales-closing techniques. Now, in The Art of Closing the Sale, he shares this wealth of knowledge that has already helped more than one million people maximize their sales results.

No matter how eloquent or passionate a salesperson you may be, no matter how friendly your smile or likable your personality, if you can't close the sale, your efforts yield nothing.

The Art of Closing the Sale teaches the learnable skills that anyone can use to transform the sales process into a consistent win. This book is an absolute must-read for every sales professional seeking to boost their career and create a future of success.

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company offers any training opportunities, accept them immediately. Don’t delay. Every new skill you learn is an investment in your own future. Everything you have in your life today is a result of your own choices up to now. Your current situation is a result of both your actions and your inactions in the past. The amount you earn today is due to both what you have done and what you have failed to do. Sometimes the things you fail to do, like completing your education or improving your skills

service until you suggest that they may not be able to get it. At times, it is only when you threaten to take it away that they step up and make a buying decision. The Summary Close When there are several features and benefits included in your offering, you can try the summary close. Here’s how. When you get to the end of your sales presentation, say, “Well, we’ve covered a lot of information. Let me just summarize some of these things for you, and then you can make a decision one way or the

favor of the decision, and on the other side, he would write all the reasons opposed to the decision.” You then take the piece of paper and write “Reasons For” at the top of one column and “Reasons Against” at the top of the other column. Now say, “Let’s look at some of the reasons this product might be a good choice for you.” Then you write down the most attractive feature of your product or service and remind the prospect of the benefit that he would enjoy from that feature. “Do you agree?”

because they are in motion, they are somehow at work. You can sometimes streamline your sales business and increase your income immediately by clustering your calls geographically. Reduce the amount of traveling time between customers and you automatically increase the amount of face time that you spend with people who can buy. Divide your sales territory into quadrants. Resolve to work in one quadrant each day or half day. Cluster all your calls in that quadrant for that time period. If

opened my eyes. He said that this material was of little interest to him, or to any of the others. All these salespeople were unionized and received a fixed hourly rate. The average person had been with the company for twenty years. Nothing they did or didn’t do would increase or decrease their income what soever. Most of them were “lifers.” Their plan was to stay with the company for life, and then retire on a pension. IMPOSSIBLE TO MOTIVATE He said, “I can’t relate to anything you are

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