The Buddha Walks into a Bar...: A Guide to Life for a New Generation

Lodro Rinzler

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1590309375

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Buddha Walks into a Bar is a book for those who are spiritual but not religious, who are disillusioned by the state of the world, who are sick of their jobs (and just started last Tuesday), who like drinking beer and having sex and hate being preached at, who are striving to deepen their social interactions beyond the digital realms of Twitter and Facebook. This is Buddhism presented to a generation leaving the safe growth spurts of college and entering a turbulent and uncertain work force.
The Buddha Walks into a Bar is Buddhist teacher Lodro Rinzler's introduction to Buddhism for anyone who wants to ride the waves of life with mindfulness and compassion. You'll learn how to use meditation techniques to work with your own mind, how to manage the pervasive "Incredible Hulk Syndrome," how to relax into your life despite external pressures, and ultimately how you can start to bring light to a dark world.

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confidence in ourselves and in the sacredness of our world is the manifestation of our own perfection. This confidence was always there, but we are finally letting it shine. 7 / ATTENDING TO THE DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE Thus far we have talked about relating to our mind on and off the cushion. But what about the practical applications of our discipline? How can the qualities of the tiger inform our 9 to 5 job, our home, our clothes, our money, our body, and our travel? Let’s explore in depth

this person, try to wish them happiness in whatever form you feel comfortable with. This could be specific, such as hoping they do well in an athletic endeavor, or find happiness with a new partner. After a few minutes of working with this person, conclude by saying, “May they enjoy happiness and be free from suffering.” At this point, let the loving-kindness grow big enough to include all the beings that you have just contemplated. Do not consider some of them friends and others enemies, but

Vajrayana, your path is that SoCo and lime shot on a Friday night. Your path is that candy that you keep stashed in your desk meant only for you. Your path is that guilty pleasure song that you sing in the shower. Everything you do in your day is an opportunity to practice, whether anyone interacts with you or not. Even if it’s just you singing into your bar of soap, completely alone in your apartment, this path is about continuing to manifest your basic goodness. The Vajrayana path is based in

wisdom. It is inscrutable to the common eye, yet noticeable to anyone perceiving the world with an open mind. The term wangthang is interesting. It signals that when you manifest your own goodness, you are literally exhibiting a field of power. As we discussed in the last chapter, true power comes from being willing to extend yourself beyond your own constraints and preferences, and being available to help the world around you. This field of power manifests when you are genuinely engaged in that

the meditation cushion to fix it, or figure it out on the spot. You might also find that you’re replaying a phone conversation you had twenty minutes prior, or rehearsing what you’re going to tell your date about yourself the next day. Don’t worry; every meditator in the history of meditation practice has had this exact same issue. I have no doubt that Sid in his “Where did all these thoughts come from?” stage also wondered what he was going to eat for dinner. The thing to do when you find

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