The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen

Philip Whalen

Language: English

Pages: 916

ISBN: 0819568597

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the most path-breaking and creatively radical poets of the San Francisco Renaissance, Philip Whalen was part of the 1955 Six Gallery reading where the West Coast Beat movement famously began. Working alongside Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, and Jack Kerouac, Whalen developed a conversational and visually unorthodox style that is unique in contemporary poetry. His lifelong engagement with the impermanent and sensuous, concerns deepened by his commitment to Zen Buddhism, are on rich display here, along with his warm humor and original illustrations. This Collected Poems rightfully places Whalen among the foremost poets of his time, offering readers a truly major body of American poetic work.

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the sea is earth, half whirlwincl. . . It scatters and it gathers; it advances . and retires." I move out of a sweaty pool (The sea!) And sit up higher on the rock Is anything burning? The sun itself ! Dying 42 Pooping out, exhausted Having produced brontosaurus, Heraclitus This rock, rre, To no puryose I tell you anyway (as a kind of loving) . . . Flies & other insects come from miles around To listen I also address the rock, the heather, The alpine fir BUDDHA: "All the

petals To hear the savoy cabbages philosophize. I You sayyou're all right Everyithing's all right Am I supposed to be content with that? If I told you everyrhing You'd have nothing to say If I fell to pieces you'd walk away flat (A weather-vane) Suppose we were the fìrst to begin Living forever. Let's start Right now. Do you want this peach? It's immortal. Both my watches are busted, 57 Meanwhile, back at the ranch Pao Pu-tzu ("in the latter years Of a long lifetime") Is making those pills

throttle & your foot upon the treadle of the clutch an open eye neither oculas Dei nor yet the sun "onticron" the lesser "o" (zlines canceled) 126 Any word you see here defies all fear doubt destmction ignorance & hatefulness All the irnpossibilities unfavorable chance or luck It will have overcome all rny strength (the total power of a raging maniac self-hypnotized berserk missing one arm part of the entrails exposed running with incredible speed) Superhuman force, an exorbitanceslingstone

Spontaneously 669 Look Look Look 669 Mozambique 670 TheTurn ó70 A Return to San Francisco from Kitkitdizze ó7) Growing and Changing 671 Rejoice | 674 October First ó75 Rome ó78 New Mexico, after ManyYears ó78 OccasionalDilemrnas óBl Minuscule Ode for Threnody You ó82 682 New Departures Alleyway ó85 ó84 In the Night 686 Weather Odes 687 Looking for Help ôBq Impatient Poetry for Ted and Alice Something Marvelous ó90 "StolenandAbandoned" B. 6Bq 691 DesperatelyAwaiting the Arrival of

prolongs tlie "pressure" (soinetimes by his producing a stream of fictions in a poem) until the wdter/r'eader can leach a state of Sving up on colstructing and on figuring out. The poems are modes of freedom frorn security. Securiffis a state of curtailment. The Beats altered use of image to incorporate relativity. Ginsbelg's description in his Incliat't Journals of viewing the fire inflamed corpses burning on the ghats on the Ganges is concentration on the disintegrating self as no entity of

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