The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume, 5th Edition (Idiot's Guides)

Susan Ireland

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1592579574

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Resumé: revamped for the times, technology, and the recession...

The recession has made finding a job harder than ever. Everything now takes place online, and a resumé's preparation is different than even a few years ago. This new edition has changed with the times, focusing on what's most important in an electronic resumé. Full of successful resumé samples and cover letters, the book also focuses on the key words and phrases that will bring readers' resumés to the top of the HR pile.

•More than 100 samples of real-life resumés and cover letters, many of them new

•Founded in real-life experience without the rigid resume-writing rules of other guides

•Ideal for all job seekers, from new grads to the laid off worker, new mothers to senior citizens

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something such as “Relevant Positions” or “Positions Included,” and don’t list dates for each job. The following example shows this strategy: ◆ Depending on what you list in the Work History section of your functional resume, consider naming this section one of the following: The Least You Need to Know ◆ Use only years, not months, when presenting your work history. ◆ Avoid age discrimination by using the EPT formula. ◆ Disguise gaps in your work history by giving yourself a job

point. Interpreting Degree Equivalents If you achieved a degree equivalency through a less traditional or non-American system, state your experience in terms of its equivalency, for example, “B.A. equivalent, St. Paul University, Rome, Italy.” Grace Deminier’s resume presents her degree equivalent. Don’t Have a Degree? If you went to college, but you do not intend to get your degree in the immediate future, write your area of study and the name of the college, for instance: Liberal

having received and responded to the offer. Let’s look at some thank you note examples that address accepting, rejecting, and delaying the decision of a job offer. Glen applied to several organizations dedicated to improving water quality but the job he most wanted was at Green Water Management. When the hiring manager called him to say that he wanted to make Glen a formal job offer, Glen immediately said “yes” on the phone. After hanging up, his first thought was to plan an evening of

databases, both on- and offline. This means that at any point in the future, a recruiter may find your old resume when he conducts a search using keywords in your resume. That’s no problem if you’re still in the same line of work. But what if you have changed the focus of your career and your old resume doesn’t reflect your new direction? That old resume could send the wrong message to a potential employer and you might not get considered for a job you really want. For example, a scientist

page for an itemized list of the resumes within each category. Executive Management Kevin King—Chief Operations Officer Rebecca Walton—Senior position in Operations and Supply Chain Management Alana Chang—Executive Director of Major Business Projects and Initiatives Isabel Harper—Executive Director, American Charitable Giving Association Career Development Loretta King—Career Center Director Maureen Nelson—Career Counselor Jan Johnston-Tyler—Neurodiversity

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