The Generosity Network: New Transformational Tools for Successful Fund-Raising

Jennifer McCrea, Jeffrey C. Walker, Karl Weber

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0770437796

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Generosity Network is the essential guide to the art of activating resources of every kind behind any worthy cause. Philanthropist Jeff Walker and fund-raising expert Jennifer McCrea offer a fresh new perspective that can make the toughest challenges of nonprofit management and development less stressful, more rewarding—and even fun.    
            Walker and McCrea show how traditional pre-scripted, money-centered, goal-oriented fund-raising techniques lead to anxiety and failure, while open-spirited, curiosity-driven, person-to-person connections lead to discovery, growth—and often amazing results. Through engrossing personal stories, a wealth of innovative suggestions, and inspiring examples, they show nonprofit leaders how to build a community of engaged partners who share a common passion and are eager to provide the resources needed to change the world—not just money, but also time, talents, personal networks, creative thinking, public support, and all the other forms of social capital that often seem scanty yet are really abundant, waiting to be uncovered and mobilized. 
            Highly practical, motivating, and thought provoking, The Generosity Network is designed to energize and empower nonprofit leaders, managers, donors, board members, and other supporters. Whether you help run a multimillion-dollar global nonprofit or raise funds for a local scout troop, PTA, or other community organization, you’ll learn new approaches that will make your work more successful and enjoyable than ever.

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successful nonprofits, including the National Mentoring Partnership (collaborating with Geoff Boisi), the America’s Promise Alliance (with Colin Powell), Millennium Promise (with Jeff Sachs), and several others. Ray has been a central inspiration and guiding light behind the growth of our own Generosity Network—just one of the many networks of giving, creative people that Ray supports with his wisdom, energy, and abundant spirit. One of Ray’s philanthropic creations is a global project dubbed

areas of ignorance, you’ll probably find that partners will offer more appreciation, cooperation, and help. Transparency—including openness about your past failures—helps to transform “I” into “we,” strengthening the bonds that connect team members and paving the way to future successes. Today’s best nonprofits recognize this truth. They welcome two-way transparency, even when it’s difficult or stressful—and that includes being willing to entertain tough questions and challenges from

better at your work than someone else? The goal is not to wait until you achieve a perfect intention—that would be a long wait for most of us! But differing motivations may lead to very different feelings about the results. So understanding these differences is important in defining success or failure. Second, be mindful and aware all along the way. Otherwise there will be unintended consequences, good and bad, that you will miss. And this is tricky, but there’s a difference between resolve and 13 This four-part analysis of reasons for saying no is based in part on the work of Jerold Panas, author of many books on fund-raising, including Mega Gifts (2003) and Asking (2009). Surely only boring people went in for conversations consisting of questions and answers. The art of true conversation consisted in the play of minds. —Ved Mehta, All for Love We’ve discussed how to

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