The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada

Don R. Campbell

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1118464109

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Canada's bestselling author on real estate draws back the curtain on real estate investing

Investing in real estate has often been viewed as the poor second cousin to the stock and bond markets. The misperception that investing in real estate is somehow difficult has cost Canadians the opportunity to increase both the quality of and income from their investment portfolio. To help provide a new perspective to Canadian investors, Canada's bestselling real estate author speaks about his relationship with real estate as the asset that has consistently delivered value for himself and the Real Estate Investment Network community across the country.

  • Author Don R. Campbell is Canada's most recognizable face in media on matters to do with real estate
  • Offers readers a unique glimpse into Don R. Campbell's views on real estate as an asset class, the opportunities and challenges, and the essential characteristics of a successful real estate investor

People want to learn from the best. Investors have no better role model than Don R. Campbell—either to be introduced to the world of real estate or to take away lessons that will embolden success.

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(contrarily!) drive through the continual bombardment of news, analysis and commentary that hits us all every day. I have to say that the sheer quantity of information, and its capacity to overwhelm and confuse us didn't exist in the 1980s when I started out, and it wasn't prevalent in the 1990s either. The massive amount of information now coming at investors is so great that many people get stuck in neutral. They take no action because they don't know if there are any ports in the storm. That

actually experienced and doesn't profit if you buy a property, is available; just be careful of pretenders. With that in mind, experience has taught me to take advice only from someone who meets the following three criteria: 1. They must be actively investing in real estate. 2. They must have at least 10 years of personal experience investing in real estate (which ensures they have come through the ups and downs). 3. They must have been successful over that time. This point is critical because

about learning how to do things right and then doing them right, again and again. I would never tell you that real estate investment is easy. I can assure you that it is a learned skill—and that those who learn to do it well can expect success. To help you understand what I mean by a sophisticated approach to real estate investing, this book follows a very specific path. Those who already own investment property will be able to read this book and then review their portfolios, business

Those who manage to do that are able to see the market with a clarity that few others share! Potential money partners without that expertise in real estate may be so confused and caught up in an availability heuristic that they cannot get past it, even when strategic investors try to share real truth. The confusion caused by unqualified media noise is calmed by strategic real estate experts who can help their partners negotiate the difference between the distracting babble and market

take a more prosaic approach. Because they may already have suffered the consequences of bad investments, they find comfort in depicting a kind of step-by-step approach to financial freedom. The details of their Personal Belize may change over time, but they will always focus on what they'll be able to do once they meet certain financial goals. For example, they may want to be debt-free in a certain number of years and able to help elderly parents with living expenses, while still putting money

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