The Lost Scroll (Rogue Angel, Book 6)

Alex Archer, Victor Milán

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 2:00307268

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ancient papyrus scrolls recovered among the charred ruins of the Library of Alexandria reveal astonishing texts that detail the wonders of Atlantis--knowledge that could shatter the blueprint of world energy. Archaeologist Annja Creed confronts shadow figures determined to preserve empires built on power, greed and global manipulation, finding unlikely allies in a mysterious American with connections in high places, and a young linguistics prodigy with attitude. Dodging a petroleum conglomerate and their pet killers on a high-speed chase that leads from Egypt to the North Sea oil fields to the urban battlegrounds of China, Annja becomes an unwilling conspirator in a bid for power to control the beating heart of the world's energy.

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"Well," Gannet said, sitting back and lacing his fingers behind his head, "I can't speak for them, but we find ours right handy for illicit activities." **** "Storm's coming in fast," Annja said from the doorway. "Poor Jadzia." The two sentences weren't exactly related. Poor Jadzia was based on the imminent expiration of the kidnappers' deadline. Then again, it was looking more and more likely the storm would hit Claidheamh Mór B before they did. Each second it delayed them made the captive

time. Her blue eyes flew wide. "I know you!" she exclaimed. "I have seen you on Chasing History's Monsters." "Well, yes, I appear on the show from time to time," Annja said with authentic modesty. She did not want to be known primarily for her association with the program. Especially among peers as distinguished as these. "You are the woman they bring on when they wish to cover something up," the girl went on, voice rising accusatorily, "and undo all the good work done by poor Kristie

Annja stood by scowling thunderously. Twenty feet along a door opened and a shaved head with a dark-bearded face poked out. Annja raised the Walther and sprayed bullets down the corridor. The head snapped back and the door banged shut. Clutching Jadzia with one hand and the Benelli with the other, Tex started to stagger clumsily down the corridor. Annja slipped past him to take the lead. As she reached the stairwell they had left, she heard Tex apologetically disentangling himself from Jadzia,

pools." "Really? I had no idea." He stopped to open the latch to a door in a wooden frame set into the inflated tent. "The envelope is for climate control," he explained, opening the door for her. "Positive air pressure allows us to keep humidity and pollution at bay. Our treasures are probably not exceptionally vulnerable to such influences, considering their condition, but why take chances?" The interior seemed gloomy after the brilliant daylight. Annja paused to let her eyes adjust as he

manner. No one challenged them until a door flew open just in front of Annja. A man in a sort of iridescent brown suit tumbled out right in front of her wearing sunglasses and – "A fez?" Annja said aloud. The man's hand dived into his suit coat, which looked as if it had been intentionally made to look slightly greasy. That was all Annja needed. She acted instinctively and grabbed the upper biceps of what she figured had to be his gun arm to control it. She used the leverage to drive a forward

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