The Never War (Pendragon)

D.J. MacHale

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0743437330

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The third installment in an epic series of adventures
First Earth
Fourteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon is a loyal friend, sports star, devoted pet owner -- and Traveler. Along with his uncle Press, Bobby has visited the alternate dimension of Denduron and participated in a civil war. He's also waded through the endangered underwater territory of Cloral. Now Bobby once again finds himself thrust beyond the boundaries of time and space into a place that seems somewhat familiar: First Earth.
Bobby and the Traveler from Cloral -- Spader -- have flumed to New York City, 1937. Against a backdrop of gangsters, swing music, and the distant sound of a brewing war, the two must uncover the evil Saint Dane's newest plot. But is Bobby ready for the difficult choices ahead?

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track. "What is that thing?" asked Spader nervously. Being from a territory that was covered entirely with water, he had never seen anything like a train before. "That," I said, trying not to let my voice show the fear that was tearing at my gut, "is a pretty big tum-tigger." "Hobey," said Spader in awe. "We just got here and we've already lost." We had been on First Earth for all of two minutes, and we were staring death right in the eye. Welcome home, Bobby Pendragon. That's a taste of

die right along with me. Bobby Pendragon,DeadUndercover Traveler. FIRST EARTH Things couldn't be worse. I was locked in the private office of a vicious mobster who was going to eat me for dessert. Max Rose had a lot of goons on the payroll. One of them was bound to come by any second. I had to think fast and figure out some other way out of there. I spun around and scanned the office. Yes! There was another door behind his desk. Why hadn't I seen that before? I ran for it and twisted

to think. "Is there anything I should be ready for?" I asked. "I mean, is there anything on the other end I've got to watch out for?" "There's plenty to watch out for," Gunny said. "But nothing you have to worry about." I then stepped up to the mouth of the flume. I have to admit, I had goose bumps. This wasn't an ordinary flume ride-if any flume ride can be described as ordinary, that is. No, this was more like stepping into a time machine. Next stop: three thousand years from now. "Third

lowered myself down, he would play out my end of the rope, keeping pressure off the railing knot. It was like being double-secured. At least, that's what I told myself. I tested the strength of the cloth rope, nodded, and stepped down off the balcony. With my feet firmly planted on the wall, I began to walk down backward. I flashed on the oldBatmanTV show where those guys used to walk up the sides of buildings with their Bat ropes. That was idiotic. But not as idiotic as what I was doing now. I

together. I started waving my arms like crazy. Either this bus was going to stop, or splat me like a bug on a windshield. The sound of gushing air told me that the bus driver was putting on the brakes. I guess he didn't want to scrape me off his windshield. So far so good. The bus rolled to a stop in front of me and I ran to the door as it opened. "Howdy, Lindbergh," the driver said. "Lose your aeroplane?" Lindbergh? Aeroplane? Oh, right. I was still wearing the leather flight cap and goggles.

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