The Reagan Persuasion: Charm, Inspire, and Deliver a Winning Message

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1402238401

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Persuade, mentor, and motivate like the Great Communicator

More than just an influential speaker, Ronald Reagan was a master of all types of communication and employed his personal warmth and charm to rally Americans around his vision. Now, former Reagan speechwriter James C. Humes shows how you can replicate Reagan's ability to influence others and utilize his communication tools when interacting with colleagues and partners. Don't just rely on words, instead:
• Communicate with gestures, postures, and even clothing
• Learn the power of podium presence
• Fine-tune your humor and voice for each unique audience

Praise for James C. Humes's
Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Reagan:
"As a student of speech, I very much enjoyed this intriguing historic approach to public speaking. Humes creates a valuable and practical guide."
-Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO, FOX News

"I love this book. I've followed Humes's lessons for years, and he combines them all into one compact, hard-hitting resource. Get this book on your desk now."
-Chris Matthews, Hardball with Chris Matthews

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at a convention in Las Vegas. I attended one of the shows on the strip, and the comedian delivered this set of one-liners on hotel accommodations. I can tell you, I was in one of those very exclusive hotels on the strip…Even the room service had an unlisted number. No really, I can’t complain. The management went to great lengths to get me an air-conditioned room…I know—I was there when the bellboy pried open the windows. Yes, they even put Bibles in all the rooms…But by that time,

CEO he is and talked to audiences as if they were his sales force. His speech, as well as his suit, talked down to them. McCain and Huckabee did not make that mistake. Governor Huckabee told this writer, “Never look like the boss your listeners work for during the day.” Huckabee and I were both featured speakers at a Colorado Leadership Conference in April 2008. Sell Ideas—Undersell Yourself These executives, by their clothes, advertise their vanity and ambition. Naked ambition turns off

me the first night, and I presented her the second night. I include my introduction here because she told me, “You introduce me in the way Ronnie would have.” Marion Morrison, Archibald Leach, and Norma Jeane Mortenson—only their respective fans know they are the birth names of John Wayne, Cary Grant, and Marilyn Monroe. Our artist’s name is the one she was christened with—Olivia. Her father was an Anglican rector on the Isle of Jersey off the coast of France, and he chose the name of his

spotted a hostile or aggressive question, he would shift into his 4 Ds mode. Ron’s rule for answering a hostile question was to delay, depersonalize, dissect, and deflect. The 4 D’S Delay the impact of the nasty query by repeating it not to the questioner but to another part of the audience. Depersonalize the question by rephrasing it in a neutral way. Dissect the question by breaking it into parts or by extracting the unfair assumption. Deflect the question by giving a response

right. “Let’s get out of here. George, we’re leaving.” The American media, as well as the diplomatic world, was shocked at Reagan’s rejection of the peace offer. The host country, Iceland, the first signatory of NATO, applauded. More than a hundred students from Iceland University came to see the departure of Air Force One and serenaded Reagan with “God Bless America.” Reagan could not sell a treaty to the United States that he did not believe in. Years later, Gorbachev said that

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