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and other metals. Political. The U.S. government is considered the world’s most stable constitutional democracy. It is a federal republic with power shared between the central government and the fifty state governments. Corruption does exist, but a vigilant press keeps it to a minimum. Institutions. The United States is an advanced industrialized nation. The infrastructure of governmental agencies, business, labor, religion, and agriculture exists and operates like most developed

of combining businesses are not explicitly defined and quantified. There may be possibilities for shared production, distribution, and markets, but these linkages or interrelationships must be scrutinized before including them in the price of an acquisition or merger target. In a merger, the target company has to be valued so that the appropriate number of shares of the parent’s stock is exchanged for the target’s. The four types of business linkages are: Market Linkages Customer Bases—same

to Wholesalers At the $4.00 price, Kraft Foods’ brand manager must ask if $1.75 ($2.80−$1.05) per pound is a sufficient margin to cover costs and provide an adequate profit. If the answer is no, the brand manager must reexamine the marketing plan’s channel mathematics. Because marketing strategy is a circular process, another price, manufacturing process, or cost may have to be altered. Such changes could affect all the other elements of the plan. The relative power of the channel

crying over spilled milk. You need to decide if you can make money on the proposed marketing spending in the future. For example, if the coffee blend was the product of millions of dollars of research, that would be irrelevant to the decision of whether I should spend additional money to market it. If I include the millions of research, it would be a definite “no go.” However, with that money down the drain, it might be profitable to invest additional cash in a marketing effort. The graphical

product develops its own unique PLC as it matures. Understanding the PLC can give you an MBA insight that your competitors may lack. The four generic stages of the PLC and their implications for action are: Stage 1: Introduction, “What is it?” Awareness and education are needed. If possible, a trial is important. High advertising costs may be incurred to get the word out. Some vendors opt for an exclusive distribution of their products in a few select outlets at first. Initially companies make

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