The Wizardry Quested

Rick Cook

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0671877089

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Preparing to protect a twenty-foot dragon from the wrath of his own wife, Wiz joins forces with his eccentric companions in an adventure filled with Soviet ex-spies, a band of dwarves, zombie dragon riders, and a fluffy pink mechanical rabbit.

Stoneheart (Stoneheart Trilogy, Book 1)


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to gray and the pony tails started further back on the head than Jerry remembered—a reminder that the original technically oriented generation was being replaced by the corporate types, which made him a little sad. Here and there you could see the long white robes of an Arab or the rainbow robes of a West African. They were standing in line waiting for shuttle buses, sitting on the grass eating off paper plates, leaning against the building resting their feet, handing out newspapers, rejecting

face-to-face with a wall of casino security guards, all looking very determined. "Stand aside," commanded the guard in the lead and the phalanx swung around them without a second glance, intent on reaching the chaos on the casino floor. Jerry looked at Bal-Simba and Taj and shrugged. Then the four bolted out the door and dashed for their truck. In the distance the sirens were getting louder. Moira and her companions had barely gotten out the door when a mob of police erupted around the corner.

welcome." "We," Kuznetsov said with a gesture at Vasily and himself, "will go with you." Gilligan scowled. "Why?" "Technical expertise. You need someone who knows the area—" he glanced at Gilligan significantly "—and will tell what he knows." Then he shrugged. "Besides, thumbing your nose at authority is a Russian thing. You would not understand." Mick shook his head. 'This particular nose-thumbing is gonna get you thrown out of the country—or worse." Kuznetsov grinned broadly. "That is why

make it sensitive enough to find June's blood on Moira's cloak with June standing right here?" "I've got a way to make a spell directional, like an antenna. As long as June's not in the beam, her presence won't interfere." "Let's get to it, then." In the event it took several hours to produce and check the spell. Part of that was because Wiz and Danny took good care to armor the code against tampering and to sprinkle alarms throughout the program to warn of attempted subversion. Part of it was

work." They say you've done operations like this before," Martinus said. "Something like." This complicated?" "Pretty much." "How do you keep it straight?" Gilligan considered. Although the dragon riders were skilled fliers and sometimes fought in wing or multi-wing strength they apparently seldom coordinated more than a squadron attack at once. More, the idea of closely coordinating forces which were out of sight of each other was completely alien to them. "Practice is part of it, of

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