There Is No God and He Is Always with You: A Search for God in Odd Places

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1608681831

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Can you be an atheist and still believe in God?
Can you be a true believer and still doubt?
Can Zen give us a way past our constant fighting about God?

Brad Warner was initially interested in Buddhism because he wanted to find God, but Buddhism is usually thought of as godless. In the three decades since Warner began studying Zen, he has grappled with paradoxical questions about God and managed to come up with some answers. In this fascinating search for a way beyond the usual arguments between fundamentalists and skeptics, Warner offers a profoundly engaging and idiosyncratic take on the ineffable power of the “ground of all being.”

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book A Concise History of Buddhism, puts it like this: “What is being said by this school of thought is not that everything is made of mind (as if mind were some kind of universal matter), but that the totality of our experience is dependent upon our mind.” This is very different from the belief that consciousness is fundamental or that God is pure consciousness. This is an important point. On the one hand, any description of reality is fundamentally flawed. So saying that consciousness is the

answer from the book. You also needed to have what they called faith. You were supposed to truly believe the answer. But I couldn’t comprehend this whole matter of belief, and I still can’t. I’m not sure I understand what the word belief is even supposed to mean. I’ll talk a bit more about belief later. But for now, here’s the short version. I believe, for example, that Ohio is a state in the Midwest, that it has cold winters and hot, sticky summers. I believe that men really did land on the moon

devoid of God.” According to Newsweek, in a piece titled “Sam Harris Believes in God,” “Sam Harris — a hero to the growing numbers of Americans who check the atheist box on opinion polls — concedes he believes in something certain people would call ‘God.’ In a related thought, he raises the topic of his next project: a spirituality guide tentatively titled The Illusion of the Self. Based on Harris’s own ‘spiritual journey,’ it will ‘[celebrate] the spiritual aspect of human existence [and

placement and such. It sounded a bit like affirmative action programs in the United States. The government doesn’t want people to try and get around these quotas by changing their official religion. So if your parents or grandparents were Protestants, and you’re now a Buddhist, you’re a Protestant Buddhist as far as the government is concerned. In terms of what we usually call religion, this is all incredibly silly. It has nothing to do with anyone’s belief systems. And it certainly has nothing

and says to you, “Lo and verily, Ichabod, you should ask Belinda to the prom and not Mandy. Even though Mandy is way hotter now, she’s going to be a drug addict when she gets to be twenty-three, and you’ll be stuck with her, whereas Belinda is really fantastic in ways I’m not even going to tell you.” It just doesn’t work like that. And, believe me, I really wish it did. In terms of rules, I already talked about the ten Buddhist precepts that one is recommended to follow if one wants to live a

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