Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle; or, Fun and Adventures on the Road (#1)

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GOOD. Hardcover, Grosset and Dunlap publishing, copyright, 1910. Book has no dust jacket as published, boards are tan, red with brown lettering and black pictorial with minor shelf and edge wear, rubbing and minor bumping to head and heel of spine and slight yellowing/tanning of pages from age. Pages have soiled fore edges and the book is soiled with age, pages have started to separate from spine of cover and have been previously glued and repaired. Previous owners name is inscribed on FF EP. In good, lightly read condition, not price clipped, not library or book club edition, not remainder marked. Not signed or autographed. Seller is a lifelong book collector and each edition comes directly from his 35,000+ volume collection! Seller has collected all but the last 2 editions of this series, but availability will depend upon prior sale. All orders are shipped every business day using USPS Media Mail for all U S. orders. Orders shipped from Grover Beach, California. 93433. Thank you. DGS 1540 I

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an envelope for the tablecloth, he continued the drawing. Tom was looking over his father's shoulder interestedly, when Mrs. Baggert, who was taking off some of the dinner dishes, suddenly asked: "Are you expecting a visitor, Mr. Swift?" "A visitor? No. Why?" asked the inventor quickly. "Because I just saw a man going in t he machine shop," went on the housekeeper. CHAPTER VIII. SUSPICIOUS ACTIONS 27 Tom Swift and His Motor−cycle "A man! In the machine shop!" exclaimed Tom, rising from his

his machine to his satisfaction. He had to make two small levers and some connecting rods. This he did in his own particular machine shop, which was fitted up with a lathe and other apparatus. The lathe was run by power coming from a small engine, which was operated by an engineer, an elderly man to whom Mr. Swift had given employment for many years. He was Garret Jackson, and he kept so close to his engine and boiler−room that he was seldom seen outside of it except when the day's work was done.

sorts of crimes committed. I've caught one of the victims. Hurry up! My son's a deputy sheriff," he added, by way of an explanation. CHAPTER XV. A VAIN SEARCH 47 Tom Swift and His Motor−cycle "Then I hope he can help me catch the scoundrels who robbed me," said Tom. "Robbed you, did they? Hurry up, Jed. There's been a robbery! We'll rouse the neighborhood an' search for the villains. Hurry up, Jed!" "I'd rather find my motor−cycle, and a valuable model which was on it, than locate those men,"

minutes he had replaced the wheels, and the machine, except for needed sharpening, did good work. "There you are, Rad!" exclaimed Tom at length. "Yo' suah am a wonder at inventin'!" cried the colored man gratefully. "I'll cut yo' grass all summah fo' yo' to pay fo' this, Mistah Swift." "Oh, that's too much. I didn't do a great deal, Rad." "Well, yo' saved me from bein' swindled, Mistah Swift, an' I suah does 'preciate dat." "How about the fellow you traded the cracked grindstone to, Rad?" "Oh,

Now, Tom Swift is just the other way around," he explained to his friends. Cautiously they approached the house, and when within seeing distance of it they paused for a consultation. There seemed to be no one stirring about the old mansion, and Tom was fearful lest the men had left. But this could not be determined until they came closer. Two of Mr. Damon's friends elected to go down to the shore of the lake and prevent any escape in that direction, while the others, including Tom, were to

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