Treasury of Precious Qualities: Book Two

Language: English

Pages: 480

ISBN: 1611800455

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This book is a translation of the second part of a commentary on the Treasury of Precious Qualities, the most celebrated work of Jigme Lingpa (1730–1798), one of the most important figures in the Nyingma lineage. In a slender volume of elegant verse, this root text (new in this revised edition) presents the entire Buddhist path according to the Nyingma school. Because it is so concise and makes use of elaborate poetic language, the commentary is indispensable.

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thoughts (i.e., other than the tenets of mistaken systems) derive from the misapprehension of sense data.” [DKR] 82 “There are ten meanings of the word ‘dharma’ (chos). Six apply to phenomena; four apply to the sacred Doctrine. The first six are: (1) phenomenon or knowledge object; (2) mental object; (3) life span; (4) future time; (5) certainty; and (6) religion (religious tradition). The four that apply to the sacred tradition are: (1) scriptures, or the Dharma of transmission; (2)

precepts concerning what is to be done How the three kinds of vow may be observed simultaneously The observance of the three vows as taught in the Nyingma tradition 1. The aspects remain distinct 2. The three vows are the same both in purpose and as antidote 3. The transmutation of the vows 4. The gradual qualitative enhancement of the three vows 5. The absence of contradiction in the practice of the three vows 6. Observance should be appropriate to the

translated here, together with the detailed commentary by the twentieth century master Kangyur Rinpoche. It is an indispensable manual for those drawn to the Nyingma teachings. JIGME LINGPAa Although he came to be regarded as one of the most important figures in the Nyingma lineage and an incarnation of both the great master Vimalamitra and the Dharma king Trisong Detsen, Jigme Lingpa was born and grew up in a situation of simple obscurity. At the age of six, he was placed in the monastery of

with the wisdom of the dharmadhatu: the body of manifest enlightenment and the vajra body, respectively.” [18] It is thus possible to train in the four boundless attitudes according to the extraordinary Mahayana, bringing into play an understanding of the ground, path, and fruit. The path of the two accumulations, which bring to birth the two kayas (as understood on the level of the sutra teachings), and the path of skillful means and wisdom, which purify the two veils (as understood in the

friends who shield beings from suffering. Summoning them to act as the field for the accumulation of merit and as objects of refuge, the disciple calls upon all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions, the enlightened destroyers of the hosts of evil, who are free from the two veils of emotional and cognitive obscuration and who thus know and perceive without attachment or impediment all phenomena in their multiplicity as well as in their ultimate nature. OFFERING CLEANSING WATERS

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