Tribes (Joshua Book 3)

Language: English

Pages: 216


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The United States has suffered a complete economic collapse. Now a group of friends and neighbors must fight to survive as the delicate fabric that holds society together begins to unravel.

Tribes is the prequel to John S. Wilson’s best-selling novels Joshua and Traveler. This third installment features an all new group of characters but is set in that same terrifying universe.

Excerpt - July became August as they watched the world crumble before their eyes. The radio, their last link to the outside, quickly became satire as the bad news constantly played between the canned government announcements declaring that everything would be fine.

From their houses on the hillside they could track the demise as the fires from the riots came closer every night. The distant shouts of the mobs and the scream of sirens became the soundtrack of their lives.

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They passed the public restrooms and as they approached the manager’s office, the corporal told him, “Don’t start crying, tough guy. You’d break my heart.” They came to the end of the hall and the corporal knocked on the door frame because the door was wide open. He said, “Here he is, ma’am.” A strong and feminine voice responded, “Bring him in.” The corporal took Tom by the arm and brought him into the windowless room. It was a cramped little office with hardly enough space for the small desk

along with some lumber and toilet seat from inside. It was also centrally located while still being a good distance from their water supply. Tom assured them if everyone helped, they could have a pit dug and the building ready to use in less than a day. Another solution Tom had was to use the gutters and lumber from the vacated homes to collect rain water and divert it back into the pond. Red’s and the Pyle house were to be used because they were closest. The extra gutter would channel the rain

no time the line started moving again and with only another ten minutes of waiting, Tom and Red could actually see the front door. Their excitement only grew as they continued to get closer and thought of all the things they might buy. During their long wait, Red wondered aloud several times how the store could operate without any lights. As they approached the entrance, the two finally had their answer. Customers came to the front door and proved they had money. Once that formality was out of

hit by a refreshing blast of cool air along with the aroma of home cooking. Tom could see Alisa working over the stove. She spun when she heard him shut the front door and studied him for a moment, “Nothing?” He could see the disappointment there in his wife’s eyes, “Nope, not a thing.” “Well, maybe next time, the news was saying they might have more next week.” Tom put his things away and stepped into the kitchen. He sat down at the table, “Yeah, that’s what they said down there too. That

defensive positions while Tom and Bob went to work. The two men squeezed under the truck; with it sitting on its rims, it was a tight fit. They both studied the fuel tank with their flashlights while the three other men kept lookout. After a few minutes they crawled back out. Tom stood up and brushed himself off, “I don’t think we can drill it.” Bob agreed, “Me either.” Jim asked them, “What’s the problem?” Tom went into the details, “The tank has some kind of covering on it, a ballistic

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