Wake Up and Laugh: The Dharma Teaching of Zen Master Daehaeng

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 1614291225

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Wisdom, warmth, and humor from a renowned Zen Master.

The compassion, humor, and practical intelligence of one of Korea’s foremost Zen masters shines throughout this new collection of Dharma talks. On each page, Master Daehaeng reveals how everything in daily life, even the ugly and difficult parts, can become the fuel for our spiritual growth. Her illuminating insight will guide the reader toward an understanding of her ultimate teaching—know yourself, trust yourself, and go forward, no matter what your current life situation might be.

At turns laughing and scolding, always engaging, Zen Master Daehaeng exhorts, cajoles, and instructs readers in their practice. These Dharma talks—gathered over several years—are like having Master Daehang at your side, urging you on.

The question-and-answer sessions with students are particularly enlightening; readers will find that the students’ questions mirror their own and that Master Daehaeng’s responses guide them on.

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they are intelligent or not, whether they are a stone, a flower, or a dying tree, treat them with a smile and a broad mind. Practice diligently, and magnanimity and wisdom will well up from the bottom of your heart. You should be able to regard all of them as yourself. You behaved just like them when you didn’t know any better; during a billion years of evolution, there were times when you were just like them. They are yourself. When you are able to have compassion and love for all beings,

leads to great benefit and development. If you understand even a little bit of this profound principle, and gradually apply it in your everyday life, you will have composure in your life and will feel peaceful and free. When I see what confronts people, both from within and without, it seems like there are lots of problems that overwhelm them. There are problems related to genetics, to karma, and to spirit possession, as well as everyday problems such as money and family conflicts. How can these

to an automatic computer. However, in this world, when we want to communicate with someone far away, we have to dial a number, and in order to listen to the radio, we have to tune in to a frequency. What about when we entrust everything to Juingong? Is the frequency automatically tuned in? KUN SUNIM: Yes, it’s automatic. As you know, using any machine such as radios, phones, or robots involves all kinds of fine tuning and adjusting. However, when you truly entrust things to your Juingong, then,

this stage of practice, you need to experiment with what you have learned. Your experiments will result in experiences, and then you should try to put those experiences into action. This is a very powerful stage of practice, so you must be careful to die a second time and keep what you experience to yourself. If you keep everything secret and can completely let go of the five subtle powers, you will eventually be able to control them. If you’re a slave to your body, how can you take care of it

comes here, but this is your idea, not his. Each person follows the path that seems best for her or him, because each person’s level is different. Now, a drinking glass can hold no more than a glassful. Even a barrel can hold no more than a barrelful. However, look at the ocean. It holds all the waters of the sea, and still it can receive everything that comes to it. Like this, everyone is living according to their own capacity, and every single thing has value and its place. Nothing is

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