You're the Boss: A Guide to Managing a Diverse Work Force with Understanding and Effectiveness

Natasha Josefowitz

Language: English

Pages: 195

ISBN: 2:00260999

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Your path to becoming a great manager starts here. From announcing your promotion to planning your next one, from solving your workers' problems to dealing with your own stress, a leading management expert tells you, in advance, what is ahead.

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man wins, he feels like a champion; if he loses, he might become angry or come back for more. However, some men are very threatened by this kind of woman and will do everything to avoid any encounters with her. The little girl, the femme fatale, the good mother, and the tough tease are all after the same thing. They want to get their boss interested in them in some special way, to be liked more than the others, to win extra favors, and to be on more intimate terms with their boss than the other

communication loop to yourself. What information do you get from your boss? a. Is it sufficient and clear? b. Is it timely? c. Is it difficult to come by? What information do you get from your colleagues (other supervisors)? a. Are you included in the informal network? b. From whom do you usually receive information informally? c. Do you check your sources? What information do you give your workers? a. Do they feel free to ask for information from you? b. Are they satisfied? What

consequences. I need to know my impact on you. But I go beyond representing you beyond being your reflection. I point out the way to new visions and to new paths for you to take. Even if your company has set specific times for performance reviews once or twice a year, you may decide to have your own interim review to help your workers. If your company has a form, be cautious; filling out these forms can become very mechanical. The point of a performance review is to establish trust and

difficulty in handling assignments _______c. Difficulty in recalling own mistakes 6. Spasmodic Work Patterns _______a. Alternate periods of high and low productivity 7. Generally Lowered Job Efficiency _______a. Missed deadlines _______b. Mistakes due to inattention or poor judgment _______c. Wasting material _______d. Making bad decisions _______e. Improbable excuses for poor job performance 8. Poor Employee Relationships On the Job _______a. Belligerent attitude toward fellow employees

outside of work Need for His Department 1. Better cooperation from other departments 2. Clearer quality controls If you take a look at this list, you will immediately see that you have a good chance of getting your boss’s job, if that is what you want as your next career step. If he dislikes his boss, you can assume the feelings are mutual. Because your boss delegates well, you can take on more of his responsibilities, which he will welcome since he’s lazy. Your strategy would be to be most

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