Zen 24/7: All Zen, All the Time

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Enlightenment is within reach -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you're searching for revelation and contentment, look no further than a handshake, a cup of coffee -- even your laundry pile. The most mundane details of life contain zen's profound truths, if you're of the mind to look for them.

By awakening to and embracing the zen in your life, you'll listen, watch, eat, work, laugh, sleep, and breathe your way to truth -- every moment of every day.

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or “absence of action.” Rinzai was not praising the merits of idleness. He was saying we should simply allow nature to take its course through us. When a leaf falls from a tree, when a river flows to the sea, when a bee flits from flower to flower, it happens without “action” or “doing.” Nature is simply being. In the same way, human beings should simply be, Rinzai says. Intellectually, we may think bu ji is impossible to attain. On the contrary, it’s completely natural to us. We don’t always

book, they say, but to know what it says. How many times have we finished a book and, a short while later, forgotten the book’s message? A zen story warns against clinging to even the most cherished of books: On his deathbed, the master Mu-nan called his disciple, Shoju, into his room. “Here is a book,” he said. “It has been passed down from master to master for seven generations. I also have added many points according to my understanding. The book is very valuable, and I am giving it to you

Occasionally we go on vacation to a place where there are no newspapers and no television. And when we return we find the world hasn’t ended. We realize that even though following the news may be essential to making a living, it has little to do with living a spiritual life. On the path of zen, we ultimately learn there’s only one headline that matters: THE WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT IS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. See inside for details. ZEN GETTING DRESSED clothes makeup hairstyle mirror smile ZEN

administrator for the shogun in the nineteenth century. During that time, Naosuke faced the constant threat of assassination from political enemies. Thus, he began each morning with a cup of tea and the motto ichigo ichie, never knowing if that day’s tea would be his last. His suspicions proved correct; he was assassinated in 1860. But his motto lives on in the Japanese tea ceremony. All who partake in the gathering recognize it as an unprecedented, unrepeatable experience. No matter how many

intelligent person who sees a weakness in another will correct the weakness in himself.” It’s easy to be critical from the sidelines; much harder to sit at the head of the table. In every meeting, every moment offers a unique chance for enlightenment. Don’t waste it. ZEN BUSINESS CARD The exchange of business cards has long been standard practice in Japan, where it is customary for workers to identify themselves in terms of their company affiliation. The practice is now common in the West as

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